DIY Projector Lift With Electric Actuators

DIY Projector Lift With Electric Actuators

Zuriel Gonzalez
PA Engineer
Seeking out new ways to improve your home theater experience? You can build your own projector lift using linear actuators and automation products from Progressive Automations. If you’re still wondering whether you should get yourself a projector or television or a motorized TV lift, consider the benefits of getting the one.

The Pros

Projectors aren’t limited to any screen size. Depending on how big you want the picture to be, you can adjust the projector settings to fit. Want a screen as big as your wall? No problem. Projectors often offer a better screen picture than any LCD television you can buy. They may not be as bright as an LCD, but you are sure to get a higher definition.

One of the biggest selling points for a projector is its price. They are much more cost-efficient than televisions. You save big and get a massive size picture for your home theater.

The Cons

There aren’t many. As long as you have a bit of the DIY spirit, you’ll be fine. They take a bit more time to set up and require a separate sound system. They also cannot handle ambient light, meaning you’ll have to sit in the complete dark to get a colorful picture.

Projector Lift

If you’ve decided on the projector, you’ll need to know how you are going to mount it. Most projectors are built to descend from the ceiling. They can be built right into the ceiling so they completely disappear when not in use, or they can be housed in a box attached to the ceiling.

Using a box, you can create any style of it to fit the design of your room, so long as you make it with a removable bottom. The bottom will be attached to four actuators, allowing it to ascend as descend. Attach the box to a control system, and you can choose between wired and wireless remotes. Many people opt for the wireless so they can descend the box from the comfort of their own chair or couch. Once you’re finished, you’ve got yourself an affordable, completely functional movie theater.

An automated home theater system can add value to your leisure time. Projector boxes are easy to install, they are affordable and they are usable by the whole family. We are here to answer all of your automation questions, from the design stage to implementation. Contact us today and discover what we can do for you.

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