hidden table lift project

Japanese Style Hidden Table Lift Project

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

As you probably know by now, we love showing off what our customers can do with our products. This time we have something really impressive to share with you. One of our innovative customers has taken a pair of our FLT-07 Lifting Column Sets and implemented them into a hidden Japanese low dining table lift. When we say hidden dining table, we mean that this table lift is actually part of the floor, so when it is fully retracted it is completely hidden from view. Then when it’s ready for use, it uses the lifting system to raise into view and act as a high-tech, modern table/bar. 

Check out our dual lifting column system used in this project!

Photo of Japanese style hidden table lift project


As you can see from the photos, our customer did an amazing job with this application, with a clean and sleek design that looks like its straight out of an interior design magazine. Take a look at the video below to see the hidden dining table in action and see how the table disappears from view with the press of a button. This project was designed and built by Lux Lex.

FLT-07 Features

The FLT-07 Lifting Column Set is a two-column lifting system that can withstand up to 880 lbs and has a stroke length of 32 inches. Also, it comes with a variety of other features. It includes a wired remote with up/down motion control with the ability to save up to four pre-set height positions. Furthermore, the remote control comes with a 5V USB charging point, ensuring your devices are always fully charged.

The FLT-07 is IP43 protected and has a 10% duty cycle. Here are some additional functions/specifications that made the hidden dining table a success: 

  • Height adjustable speed of 0.5”/sec.
  • Powered by a 120VAC input.
  • Anti-collision function to prevent damage. Sensors are used to detect any obstructions along the path of travel. Once an obstruction is detected, the column will stop and rise slightly.


Other Lifting Column Applications

The FLT-07 lifting column set is just an example of what could have been used for the Japanese low dining table project, but it comes down to personal preference and the cost. For example, the FLT-11 could have been used instead. Since Japanese style tables are usually lower in height when compared to most conventional dining tables, the FLT-11 would be a viable option for adjusting the table height to create a hidden dining table. With the FLT-11, it would allow for a more compact table lift to accommodate additional guests.

Besides the Japanese low dining table project, there are other applications that have used Progressive Automations lifting columns. Here are just two:

Pop-Up Tent

The FLT-04 lifting column set was used to create an easy-lifting pop-up tent trailer. Building a pop-up tent into a trailer allows a full-size tent to collapse into an easily portable package.

Now we have introduced our modular lifting columns, 4x LG-02 lifting columns, 1x FLTCON-4 control box, and 1x RT-11 remote works just the same as the FLT-04! Our modular lifting columns are single-unit legs of a lifting column that can be paired with our remotes and FLTCON series of control boxes that can handle between 1 to 4 legs in a single control system. Select from our large range of remote options and enjoy all the unique features of our different programmable wired remotes that can be used together with wireless remotes for extra convenience.

See the full article on this project here.

Planetarium Projector

The project is a custom planetarium projector lift that utilizes the FLT-03-2-1 Lifting Column set, allowing for a vertical movement. See the article demonstrating this project here.

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Our lifting columns and table lifts have a multitude of applications, whether you are looking to create a new use for them, or you would just like a simple height-adjustable table setup. If you have implemented a lifting column in a fun and unique way, we would also love to hear about it!

Additionally, if you require further assistance or have more questions on the application of lifting columns, you may call us at 1-800-676-6123 or email us at sales@progressiveautomations.com.