Ultimate Man Cave Project

Ultimate Man Cave Project

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer
Chef Francios a man known for making gourmet food using only power tools has decided to make every man’s fantasy, The Ultimate “Man Cave???. With the electric actuators from Progressive Automations he will be able to do just that. In the video below he has completed the “proof of concept??? for his project.

Using linear actuators Chef Francios will be developing innovative methods to create a multipurpose room that can be used for a number of completely different applications. These many uses were not previously possible in the same room without the use of electric linear actuators. With the help of Progressive Automations and our actuators he will be able to effectively optimize the square footage of what was once a regular garage. He is still 5 to 6 months from completion but once completed the garage will be able to convert into a mancave, production studio, tool workshop or back to a normal garage simply by hitting a couple of switches and making a few hand gestures.

We are proud to sponsor Chef Francios in his efforts to make the Ultimate Mancave and give further examples of how linear actuators can be used in home automation to create a multi-function room to save space. We will continue to update our website with his progress while also offering tips and tricks to help others make their dream mancave. For more information on Chef Francios and his other creations including cooking with power tools check out his webpage: http://www.powertoolchef.com

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