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Mini Industrial Actuator

Mini Industrial Actuator



The PA-09 mini industrial actuator is a new and improved version of our PA-16 model and packs more power in the same small package as our PA-14’s. One of its defining features is its low noise level, making very little sound during its movement cycle. With a full 330 lbs of force, they can be used for any application where more power is needed in spots where you just cannot sacrifice space requirements. Our customers choose this actuator when they need reliable automation for projects like robotics, manufacturing, furniture, marine, home automation and more. They are ideal for a wide range of projects and applications. This actuator comes with a solid 330 lbs of force and a speed of 0.27”/sec. This model is available with stroke sizes ranging from 2-40”.

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The PA-09 mini industrial linear actuator can be used with a variety of the control systems that we offer. They are easy to wire up, taking only a few minutes and the control options for automation are nearly endless.

The BRK-09 has been designed to fit our PA-09 actuators. This bracket allows for a full 180° rotation and is made sturdy and reliable. All the hardware needed for mounting comes with the set and can be easily installed.


When you can’t find the exact actuator you need for your project or application, that’s where our custom actuator service comes in. We can manufacture a solution for you based on the Custom Options available in as little as 10-20 business days, just contact us to get in touch with one of our experienced engineers and begin the process.


  • Input Voltage
    12 VDC
  • Stroke
    2-40 inches
  • Force
    330 lbs
  • Speed
  • Protection Class
  • Operational Temperature
  • Noise
  • Duty Cycle
  • Limit Switch
    Built In, Non-Adjustable
  • Current (full load)
  • Mounting Holes
  • Motor Type
    Brushed DC Motor
  • Screw Type
  • Housing Type
    Aluminum Alloy
  • Wire Length
  • Fully Retracted
    4.50" + stroke for 1-10" stroke, 5.75" + stroke for 12-23" stroke, 6.50" + stroke for 24-30", 8" + stroke for 40" stroke
  • Fully Extended
    4.50" + stroke + stroke for 1-10" stroke, 5.75" + stroke + stroke for 12-23" stroke, 6.50" + stroke + stroke for 24-30", 8" + stroke + stroke for 40" stroke + stroke
  • Certifications
  • Unit Weight
    0 lbs
  • Warranty
    18 Months

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Custom Options

Custom Options

  • · Customize force to 50 lbs (1.50"/sec), 150 lbs (0.70"/sec), 250 lbs (0.39"/sec), 350 lbs (0.27"/sec), 450 lbs (0.20"/sec) at Motor Speed of 4000rpm
  • · Customize force to 40 lbs (2.30"/sec), 90 lbs (1.10"/sec), 130 lbs (0.55"/sec), 150 lbs (0.40"/sec), 350 lbs (0.31"/sec) at Motor Speed of 6000rpm
  • · Customize voltage to 24V, 36V or 48V
  • · Customize stroke length from 1-40"
  • · Add Potentiometer (will increase overall length) or Hall Effect Sensor
  • · Customize actuator mounting holes
  • · Customize the wired connector
  • · Customize actuator dimensions
Dimensional Drawing

Dimensional Drawing

Mini Industrial Actuator


We guarantee that all products you receive will be brand new, and have been thoroughly tested for defect and performance before being shipped to you. At Progressive Automations Inc we put our products to the test, stressing their performance in heat, cold, liquid, and under heavy loads and high duty cycles. The specifications listed on our products aren't just approximations, they're backed up by hours and days of testing. We're so confident in our actuators quality, performance, and endurance, that we proudly offer the industry leading 18 month warranty.

All products produced and sold by progressiveautomations.com are covered by our comprehensive 18 month warranty against defect or flaw. If we sell you a product, and it stops working before 18 month pass, we will replace it free of charge. However, the product has to only have been used within its rated parameters and environment conditions.

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