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Project Sponsorship




Our Sponsorship Program has three different options available to applicants. All submissions are subject to review and approval by Progressive Automations. Compensation depends on the amount of material that is submitted to us. Below is an explanation of our sponsorship system.




Sponsorship Tiers


*Please note: The reimbursement does not account for shipping charges.

Please read through the following guidelines to be sure you are meeting all submission requirements.

Text Submission Guidelines

  1. 250-1,000 words of text are required.
  2. Name of the competition being entered (where applicable).
  3. A detailed description of the project.
  4. Progressive Automations material list.

Photography Submission Guidelines

  1. Photos showing the entire project or application.
  2. Photos showing a close-up of the actuators on the project.
  3. Additional photos are welcome, such as team photos.
  4. Photos must be presented in highest quality possible.

Video Submission Guidelines

  1. Video must show a close-up of the actuators, along with the actuators in motion.
  2. The more information provided in a video, the better we can exhibit the project on our website and other media outlets.
  3. Videos must be presented in a minimum 1080p resolution.

Linking Guidelines

Project Websites Not Ending in ‘.edu’

A link on a project website must be clearly visible and show Progressive Automations as a sponsor of the project. The link must be active, clickable and able to direct users to our website.

University Websites Ending in ‘.edu’

A link on a University website showing Progressive Automations as a sponsor of the project. The link must be active, clickable and direct users to our website.

By submitting media to Progressive Automations, you are agreeing that this media may be used by our company on our website, social media and blog, as well as any other media outlet we submit to.

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