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Linear actuators have been used to make our lives easier for many years.  Therefore, in this section we recommend the following projects:  an ATV snow plow and a wheel chair lift for a vehicle. For snow plow the actuators can be mounted to the mechanism that is used to clean/shovel the snow. The whole lift mechanism would be attached to the ATV and controlled by rocker switch. For the wheel chair accessible vehicles the actuators would be used to lift up/down the wheel chair mechanism as well as to hide it.  Our video shows the back end mechanism, you can use the similar one on the side of the vehicle as well.  Please see the video below.

Progressive Automations offers high quality linear actuators to help you modify your current devices to work more efficiently at minimal cost. To have a similar system as shown in the video to be installed by a professional would cost thousands of dollars. Using our actuators and some additional materials, you will be able to achieve the same professional build system for a fraction of the cost.

We recommend using our PA-17 linear actuators with 2000lbs of force.  This should allow for enough holding force for both applications in the video. Progressive Automations recommends you use additional mounting or safety measures and confirm your required force.


Linear Actuators (PA-17 model)

Stroke: 6" to 24" depending on where you mount and lift height required

Force: each actuator should be 1600lbs - 2000lbs

Mounting Brackets (BRK-17 model)

Rocker Switch

Estimated Cost:


Project Assembly Time:

Under 5 hours once all other assembly is in place.

The above products were recommended based on our experience. Different products and controls options can be used.

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