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Table Lifts

With our table lift sets and lifting columns you are able to transform your workstation from a normal table/desk into a fully height adjustable one. Sitting for long periods of time can put large amounts of stress on your body, which can lead to long term issues with posture and health. With our table lifts you no longer have to be forced to sit in one position all day. The height adjustable technology allows you to customize your workstation so that it can raise and lower with the press of a button. Raise your workstation to a standing position to give your back a break from sitting all day, then lower it back down with the table actuator when you need a rest. 

Our table lift sets come with everything needed to build your own height adjustable workstation, all you need to do is pick a table top of your choosing and attach it to the table lift set. Since our table lifts do not come with a table top it allows you to choose one based on your own custom specifications, as long as it fits our units. Our lifting column sets are meant for heavier applications like large packing tables, manufacturing plants and industrial workstations. Unlike the table lift sets they do not come with all the necessary screws and brackets for installing to a table top, that is why we recommend the columns for customers who are more comfortable building their own applications. All of our units are in stock and ready to ship out as soon as you make your order. Like all of our products we offer an 18-month warranty on all of our table lifts and lifting columns.

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