Comparison Table of Industrial Linear Actuators

Comparison Table of Industrial Linear Actuators

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Linear actuators come in various sizes. The most commonly used is the industrial actuators with a high stroke, force, and speed. Although there are, lighter ones for home use. Industrial actuators assist in keeping workers safe and aid in heavy-duty tasks in factories, manufacturing plants, and construction.

Although there are currently manufacturers with different models, common ones stand out. Let’s go ahead and break them down to find out their features and the likes.

Brand Industrial actuator Force Stroke Speed Input Voltage Protection Class Screw Type Price Range
Progressive Automations PA-17 850lbs and 2000lbs 1-24 inches 0.33”/sec(2000lbs)
12V DC IP65 ACME $305.00
Progressive Automations PA-13 3000lbs 4-40inches 0.25”/sec 12V DC IP66 ACME Screw $465.00
Warner Linear K2 1500lbs 2-4 inches (50-600mm) 2.7”/sec 12V IP54 ACME $500-$556
Thompson MX’BMX’W 500-2000lbs 50-300mm
2-12 Inches
9”/sec-30”/sec 12 and 24V DC IP66
Venture NA 1000lbs 12-52 inches 4.5mm/s-7.2mm/s 12-120VDC - ACME -
Servocity 2” stroke 25lb thrust 25lbs 24 inches 1.37”/sec 6-12V DC IP54 ACME $129.99
Linak LA37 10,000-15,000N 100mm-600mm 3.5mm/sec 12-24V DC IP66(Dynamic)
ACME $391+

Progressive Automations (PA-17)

This heavy-duty electric linear actuators from Progressive automation is designed to give you the muscle, reliability, durability, and performance. The industrial PA-17 actuator is a preferred choice where high forces are needed. For example, in the marine, manufacturing, industrial or farming settings.

This actuator comes in forces of 850 pounds with a speed of 0.66 inches per second and 2000 pounds with a speed of 0.33 inches per second. The stroke range is between 1 to 24 inches.

The operating voltage is 12VDC with IP65 protection against harsh weather and operation conditions. The limit switch is not only built-in but adjustable. An ACME screw type is used for its operation. The casing is stainless steel. When on the full load it operates at 20A.

Progressive linear actuators are compatible with all control systems currently in the market today. They also come in with a potentiometer for accuracy control and for feedback.

The actuator can also come with supporting components. Also, Progressive Automations co offer support to a wide range of applications, which can include industrial machinery, heavy-duty industry, table lifts, and forklifts.

Progressive Automations (PA-13 – High force Industrial Actuator)

The operating input voltage of 12VDC with a stroke of between 4 and 40 inches. Its speed is 0.25 inches per second with an IP66 protection class. This actuator use is in places where high forces are needed. That can include construction, marine, and manufacturing industries.

It operates in temperatures between -40℃ and 60℃ with a life cycle duty of 20%. These industry electric linear actuators give you the heavy lifting in your industrial setting.

It uses an ACME screw type and housed in aluminum alloy housing. The PA-13 is compatible with a majority of control systems currently in the market.

Duffnorton SPA Series – 2000 lbs (8972N)

This heavy-duty actuator has a ball screw design with a stopping torque (in the tube) of 180 inches-pound-force (20.3 Nanometers). Its operating temperature range is 15°F-120°F or -10℃-50℃. It’s a protection class if IP50 with also an option of IP52.

What do you get from these actuator series:

  • Reliability in its working
  • A capacitor that’s built-in
  • Tough aluminum casing
  • A translating tube made from steel and plated with zinc chromate
  • Limit switches that are internally adjustable
  • Mounting of the double clevis

Warner Linear B-track K2 Linear Actuator

The K2 linear actuator comes from the B-track range. This heavy-duty actuator is designed for:

  • Robust work
  • Energy efficiency
  • Harsh environment and weather protection
  • Durability and performance

The K2 is a screw-type of linear actuator with a remarkable long screw life.


  • Coatings that are fully protected with O-rings
  • 2-24 inches (50-600mm) of stroke length
  • Overload clutch that’s ball dented
  • Contains load capacities of up to 1600 lbs (6672 Newtons)
  • Speeds of up to 2.7 inches/sec
  • Thermal overload protector inbuilt in the motor

Thomson Max Jac Heavy Duty Electric Linear Actuators

The Max Jac industrial linear actuator from Thomson is a robust device currently available. Its creators, Thomson are renowned because of their vast experience in the linear electric actuator market that dates back to more than a decade. Max Jac stands out because of its ability to work in a harsh environment. It can operate in salty or rainy water, dusty environments, heavy winter, and snow whilst not being corroded. It also requires little to no maintenance. What you get from this actuator is a high degree of accuracy, speed, durability, and efficiency.


Its maximum operating and static load is between 500-2000 lbs-pound force. Its speed ranges from a low of 30inches/second to a high of 60 inches per second. The operating voltage is either 12 or 24 VDC. The stroke length is between 50-300 millimeters/inch. It has an operating voltage of between -40℃-+85℃ (-40°F-+185°F). The protection class on offer are IP66 and IP69K.

Venture Mfgco Industrial Actuators

Venture are heavy duty linear actuators manufacturer that factor powered and performance in all their designs.

The industrial electric actuators that are on offer operate at 12, 24, 36, 90 and 120V.


All linear actuators operate on DC motor with an acme screw. Their stroke range is 12-52 inches. Their load is up to 1000pounds when in operations. The speed of operation for these actuators is 4.5mm/second-7.2mm/second. Their limit switches are integrated and can be modified. 20 percentage is the expected duty cycle. The tubing type for these actuators is inside as well as outside. The mounting brackets are enclosed in tube, square and clevis.

Servocity (Heavy duty linear actuators)

These linear actuators are used in the heavy-duty industry as for a replacement hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. The DC motors that drive these actuators generate torque and mounted on an ACME screw. What the screw does is provide a linear thrust to handle the push/pull motion.

They can hold loads (heavy loads) and have a safety feature to hold position even when power is switched off or there is a sudden loss of power. Limit switches at the end of each actuator and will switch off from the mains to prevent a trip.

Each actuator contains an inbuilt potentiometer, which can be used for direct placement and feedback. They contain aluminum housing with metallic gears for guaranteed reliability and durability. Stroke ranges from 2 inches to 12 inches. The thrust range is from 25 lbs to 180 lbs.

Linak (LA37)

This actuator does the heavy lifting for rough and tough environments. It’s meant for tough operations in whichever setting in whatever industry.


  • It uses either a 12 or 24VDC magnetic monitor
  • The thrust range is between 10,000N and 15,000N
  • The push and pull holding force is upwards of 70KN
  • Speed is up to 3.5mm per second
  • The length of the stroke is between 100-600mm
  • The switches are built-in at the end of each actuator
  • Has two protection classes; IP66 and IP69K
  • Performance temperature is -30℃ – 70℃

The housing is of aluminum and coated to withstand harsh weather. There’s also an integrated brake system for locking and a hand crank for manual operation.

Industrial linear actuators are the most sort out by industries and manufacturing plants not forgetting construction. Their power and efficient in getting the job done is remarkable. They are something to consider if you have your own plant. Why? Because you will keep your employees from getting injuries from lifting heavy item and you’ll get the job done quite fast.