Micro Linear Actuator

Model PA-07
Voltage 12 VDC
Stroke 0.5-12 inch
Force 5 lbs
$70.00 USD

Micro Precision Servo Actuator - TTL/PWM

Model PA-12-T
Voltage 7.4 VDC, 12 VDC
Stroke 1.06 inch
Force 1.34-2.69 lbs
$82.00 USD

Micro Precision Servo Actuator - RS-485

Model PA-12-R
Voltage 12 VDC
Stroke 1.06-2.2 inch
Force 3.82-22.48 lbs
Starting from i PricingThe final pricing depends on the product specifications and the quantity ordered. The more you buy, the cheaper it is. See details at the product page. $183.00 USD


Micro linear actuators are compact

With stroke length options measuring from 0.5” to 12” our micro actuators can fit into the most limited of spaces without compromising on performance. Our servo motor options have dynamic force ratings that can reach up to 22.48lbs.


Micro linear actuators have low current draw
Current Draw

These actuators have a low current draw, allowing users to install more units to a single control box without any additional equipment.

Current Draw

Micro linear actuators are precise

Thanks to the servo motor inside the PA-12-R and PA-12-T, their precision accuracy goes up to 100um. Communications such as RS-485 or TTL-PWM gives you full control over their position, speed, and synchronized movement.



Micro Linear Actuators from Progressive Automations

Our micro linear actuators are defined by their small design, which makes them ideal for projects with limited spacing. They are quite popular within our catalog due to their versatility and range of applications they are suited towards. Our micro actuators are known for their precision control and force capabilities which, while impressive compared to their size, is perfect for those who require it minimally. Popular applications of micro linear actuators include the robotics and automotive industry, where these actuators can be seamlessly integrated into their interior and exterior systems. Most of our products are plug and play, with our micro linear actuators being no exception. This feature makes them extremely easy to install and maintain.