Scholarship Program

Our goal is to promote education in the field of engineering and make it more accessible to young students.

Progressive Automations continues to support talented students in their pursuit of engineering excellence and has once again offered its exclusive scholarship opportunity in 2023

CAD $2500 was awarded to two engineering students who showed passion, promise, and dedication to their work!
2023 Winners
Engineering Scholarship Winner
Karen Metry Mekhail
Computer Engineering Student
"To me engineering is striving to perfection in everything we do. To take the best that exists and make it better, and when it does not exist, we design it. There's nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind. I believe that, as engineers, we turn dreams into reality."
Engineering Scholarship Winner
Polina Maller
Civil Engineering Student
"I chose to be an engineer to explore the world around me; to recognize, appreciate and design the little details that make everything work. Thank you to Progressive Automations for this opportunity to pursue my future in engineering by supporting my passion in creating."
All applicants must write a 700-word essay, detailing why you think you should receive this scholarship. We want to learn all about your academic achievements, your drive to succeed as an engineer, your passion for the field, your personal achievements, your educational expectations for the future and what you think the next ten years of your professional life will look like!
Your engineering innovation is something we crave to learn more about. Using our electric linear actuators and corresponding products as your basis, we want you to describe (or even better, design!) an inventive application. The more inventive and creative, the better! These don’t have to be monumental, ground-breaking technologies – they can be as simple as you like. Points are solely scored for creative-thinking and inventiveness.
You need to join our Facebook group Progressive Engineering Club and post there a short description of your project or application idea using our linear actuators.
Applicants must be enrolled in the September 2023 semester at a recognized Canadian or American post-secondary college or university. This must be a full-time engineering course.
Optional: Applicants can demonstrate their academic performance by submitting a copy of their high-school transcripts.
Please supply an image of yourself that may be featured on our website and social media. Ideally, include a headshot, alongside other images that you would like to be included!
If you have anything extra you would like to show or tell us about, feel free to include it in your submission!
You are not eligible if you have already received the award in a previous year.

Applications are now closed for 2023. Our 2024 scholarship will be opening early next year, so keep an eye out!