Progressive Automations' lifting columns are designed with optimum user experience and synchronized applications in mind. If you opt for two lifting columns or more, they are designed to all be totally in sync throughout all stages of motion. Precision movement is essential as lapses in speed between the columns can be detrimental to your application and result in uneven wear and tear of the devices. All of our telescopic lifting columns are equipped with synchronization, perfect for a variety of applications such as workstations, industrial conveyors, and home automation.

The added anti-collision feature detects obstacles that impede the motion of travel and offer an extra layer of protection for your lifting columns against items that may get trapped and cause injury or damage.


Convenience and ease of use are at the core of our products, and this is also reflected in their design and set up. Our electric lifting columns are plug and play, making their use and activation extremely easy. No further configuration is required once they receive an adequate power source and are activated upon connection. Using our remote devices once they are set-up is also extremely easy, with easy navigation and fast response.

This convenience is a key selling point for our lifting columns (and desk frames), allowing users to quickly put their unit into motion.


Our lifting columns are designed to be used in a variety of applications across many industries. Manufactured with light-weight aluminum or steel, their stability, low-energy, and low-noise adjustability make them perfect for multiple uses and settings.

Particularly useful to industrial settings, our lifting columns have the capabilities of lifting up to 2600 lbs of force. The resistance of electric lifting columns against dust and moisture also gives them a competitive advantage over alternative mechanisms, such as hydraulic and pneumatic devices. Industries our lifting columns can be seen in included home and office, medical settings and manufacturing.


Our lifting columns have the capability of holding considerate weights (up to 2600lbs in some models) while also moving upwards and downwards, securely maintaining their load. Therefore, the design of our electric lifting system has to be expertly crafted and calculated to ensure they remain durable, safe, and consistent throughout their life cycle. Our expert engineers have tested, and quality assured, each model to ensure their design is compatible with their stated capabilities.

We have also included an anti-collision feature in our height adjustment devices which stops the column in its motion if the unit senses a spike in the current draw.

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