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Our Products
  • Large selection of linear actuators
  • Various TV/Table lift systems
  • Control systems for variety of projects
  • Large quantity discounts

Progressive Automations is a worldwide manufacturer/distributor of linear actuators and linear motion control products with warehouses in USA & Canada. Our primary goal is bringing the highest quality and best designed products in the automation industry.

With over a decade of experience we have become a leader in linear motion product innovation, development & research. New products introduced on a regular basis using the latest technology available in the industry. Our main product lines include electric linear actuators, control systems, table and tv lifts.

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Industries we serve

No project, industry or customer is too small or too large for us. With this philosophy you can find our electric actuators in almost any field of automation. Progressive Automations is a key player in many industries such as automotive, marine, home and furniture automation, robotics, hobby design, industrial and manufacturing equipment. We are always looking to expand into new and exciting industries and encourage you to come and be part of our ever growing list of satisfied customers.

When servicing industries like these we know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. That's why our selection of linear electric actuators is so diverse and comprehensive; we understand what industries want and we aim to deliver it no matter what. This is why we are present in such a variety of manufacturers and industries. 

Not only do we serve different industries, we also sponsor university and college students across the world with products and engineering support towards higher learning and innovative thinking. Progressive Automations offers annual scholarships to universities across the world to promote the engineering field.

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All products and selections you see on the website are in-stock and available to ship out same day. Even so, with our wide-ranging selection it’s impossible to have every single variation of 12v actuators, therefore we offer custom orders with no minimum order quantity requirement. You can customize our electric actuators according to:

  • Voltage
  • Stroke
  • Size
  • Force
  • Speed and more

Keep in mind that these are just a few examples of our comprehensive customization options. Various models can be modified in different ways. Please give us a call to describe exactly what you need and we will get started on it right away. The lead time for custom orders is 10-20 business days. Like all of our products, your custom built units are covered by our 18 month warranty.

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We are devoted to helping you find the perfect linear actuator and accessory best suited for your specific project or application. Our highly trained and experienced engineer support team offers hands-on support for any questions and concerns you may have with our products. We will take you through the process of finding your ideal actuator from beginning to end.

We don't just limit ourselves to helping you, we strive to build positive relationships with our customers so that you keep coming back. We want to make sure your design is built within your budget and specifications in the most effective way possible when you purchase an electric actuator or control system from us. 

Give us a call and take advantage of our accomplished and capable staff today. Our website contains additional resources such as products PDFs, wiring PDFs and 3D models. Our blog section includes interesting articles on projects, products and industry news. You are welcome to visit our YouTube channel for videos on products, projects and wiring help. Contact us today during business hours with any questions you might have.

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