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Automation technology for innovators
Our Vision
To Automate the World So You Never Lift A Finger
Our Mission
To offer the most comprehensive selection of linear motion products to various industries and provide an incredible customer experience.
Our creative, energetic and innovative team has the experience of working together with different customers, from automation enthusiasts, hobbyists to large scale partners. We love what we do, and our team reflects that spirit and passion! We are constantly developing our skills and knowledge of the industry while we also make sure to have a bit of fun in life!
Our Products
We have one of the largest and most cost-effective lines of linear motion products in the industry.
Since 2008, we’ve developed and designed a wide range of products to match the growing demand for automation across industries. We also have a great collection of motion control systems for all our linear actuators that can be easily connected to any one of our units. Most of our products are plug-and-play making it easy to install and maintain. Our products can also be designed to suit your requirements and our support team of engineers are skilled to help you with your product integration.
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Why Go Progressive?
We focus on developing solutions and to give our customers the best product that fits their production environment.
With over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand that businesses and individuals need to stay ahead of the game and constantly improve and innovate their technology. For this, we provide not only a dedicated support team of experienced engineers but also a complete product integration process to help you assemble your product and ensure it functions properly.
It’s our goal to make your ordering experience easy, smooth and fast and hence we have you covered on large quantity orders and custom-made actuators even if it’s for a single unit.
Give us a call and our support team will help you with the best quality products to suit your application needs.
Want to start using Progressive Automations today? Contact us!
1-800-676-6123 (toll-free) or use our contact form.
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