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Innovation Meets Design

Our lifting columns and table lifts are designed to create smooth height adjustment for a wide variety of workstations. Built with the latest technology, it’s not only easy to assemble and integrate, our lifting columns also allow you to move heavy equipment up and down effortlessly by adjusting the height with just a push of a button.  Apart from being easy to install, our electric table lifts and lifting columns can also be easily personalized to suit your requirement. Our products are used in the home and office automation setting (e.g. sit stand desk), workstations and in the healthcare industry. We manufacture our products to ensure they are sturdy, reliable and of the best quality.

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smart controls

Our control box series are used to operate our table lift system and lifting column sets. When controlling units in parallel, a difference in speed and applied force load can cause an application to become unstable. To avoid this, our control box series allows synchronized movement on two or more columns of your application. The anti-collision feature protects your console against obstacles that impede the motion of travel and ensures that items do not get trapped and cause injury or damage.

We also have a variety of wired remotes for our control box series that include simple up/down functionality as well as the ability to set and save up to 4 specific positions for your unit, saving you the time to manually adjust your workstations each time you use it. Our remotes are also available in different shapes and colors to give you a matching sit-stand solution that’s simple and easy to use!

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Flexible Design

Great work starts with a great desk! At progressive automations we design our products to help you create a more flexible office space by giving employees the freedom to move and change postures as they like, enabling them to be their most productive and efficient self.

When you buy a table lift set from us, it comes with all the necessary components to build an automated standing workstation. Since our table lift sets do not include table tops, this gives you the flexibility to choose a table top of your style and liking. With the variety of customizable options in tops available in the market, you can buy one of any shape, size, material and finish, depending on what you’re most comfortable using or on the application you need it for. Additionally, our table lifts are designed to fit most top shapes and sizes.

standing desk
Healthier workspace

Today, there is an increasing focus on ergonomics in a work environment. Organizations are moving towards creating flexible workstations for their employees. We at Progressive Automations believe, that to be your most productive, healthy and creative self, you must incorporate standing, walking or other forms of activity into your normal day. Using a sit-stand desk allows you to take a break without leaving your desk, thus improving productivity. Many studies have revealed standing at your desk a few hours a day is the easiest way to do so and we have the right products to help you make your shift to a healthier and productive you!

Go and explore our Products! If you need more inspiration take a look at our blog to find innovative projects created by customers using our products!

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