Linear actuator for the kitchen

3 Awesome Ideas for Linear Actuators in Kitchen Applications

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Guest Writer
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The automation revolution, hailed as the leading trend of the modern-day tech industry, has transformed our lives all across the board. What started as a way of improving inefficient industrial processes is now embedded in our daily routines. Be it the innovative Smart Home concept or ergonomic TV furniture, automation is the ultimate comfort-giver in our personal abodes.

One of the central and busiest parts of our homes is the kitchen. The place that binds us together, where the family unit gets to interact and eat together before everyone falls into their own, separate patterns. Surprisingly, home kitchen automation is rarely considered by companies as a target market segment. Progressive Automations is devoted to its mission to cater to the entirety of its eclectic clientele. Hence, we have compiled some ideas for automation in the kitchen so smart homeowners can enjoy the same convenience in every part of their home.

Let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your ordinary kitchen into a futuristic one!

1.    Adjustable Worktops & Downdrafts

Central to a kitchen’s design is the actual cooking area, which is generally a cooktop accompanied by a draft system to evacuate the odors. In a smart home, everything is harmonized to suit the homeowners. The same applies to worktops, which should be just the right height for the cook to feel comfortable. Therefore, why not make the height of your kitchen counters adjustable and automated to suit your exact needs?

Our heavy-duty linear actuator line can be utilized for such worktop/downdraft conversions. These can be installed in compartments beneath the worktop so it stays hidden from view. A simple push of a button and the worktop/downdraft will emerge from under the kitchen slab, up to the desired height.

Linear actuator PA-10 by Progressive Automations

The PA-10 is the linear actuator we suggest for such applications owing to its impressive force-rating of 450lbs and IP68 protection grade. This actuator could survive for years in the dirty, damp environment underneath a worktop.

2.    Automatic Cabinets & Trolleys

One of the biggest challenges for a household kitchen is storage management. There is so much to deal with in a kitchen, from dishes to condiments to electrical appliances, that any amount of space just seems inadequate.

The installation of automated kitchen cabinets can solve this problem. With a little engineering and creative ingenuity, the entire cabinet area under a kitchen shelf can be automated, made easier to open/close, and made more capacious. You can arrange anything, from dishes in vertical stacks to huge equipment like microwaves in these cabinets.

Another huge advantage of automatic cabinets is that they can be hidden inside built-in compartments, inside walls or shelves. The benefit this carries is that when they are closed, there is more working space inside the kitchen. They would only extend when they are required, and are not an obstruction like normal cabinets can be.

Mini linear actuator PA-14 by Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations has a variety of small-scale micro and mini linear actuators that are best-suited for such light applications. Our pick is the infamous PA-14 that features quick operational speed and a sturdy but compact body that can easily fit behind cabinets.

3.    Retractable Tables

Have a table is a convenient addition to any kitchen, either acting as the primary spot for eating meals or avoids the need to relocate to a dining room. However, for many kitchens having a table takes up serious space and proves to be more inconvenient. While there are space-saving alternatives in the form of foldable tables, setting them up each day can be tedious.

Automatic retractable tables are perhaps the most awesome part of this article, as they are an all-in-one feature. They have zero footprint when retracted inside their storage area, fully functional when opened, adjustable according to individual needs, and are effortless to set up.

With one of these in the kitchen, no one will skip a snack because the side table is too heavy and time-consuming to use.

Linear actuator PA-03 by Progressive Automations

Standard linear actuators are a decent choice for automatic side tables. The PA-03 linear actuator packs a unique combination of power, speed, and protection that matches the requirements for installing retractable tables.

The Modern Kitchen: Smart & Luxurious

What use making a kitchen smart but not equipped with the wonders of present-day technology? We have discussed the uses of linear actuators for kitchens, but there is a whole realm of smart home luxury that can be integrated into the kitchen as well.

You may install a TV in your kitchen if you fancy a midnight snack or enjoy watching the news while having breakfast in your kitchen. You might be attuned to having intelligent lighting inside your house; there is no reason your kitchen should be left out!

To achieve a true sense of luxury inside your kitchen, you can indulge in various automation trends that are designed just for this exact purpose.  Luckily, Progressive Automations has a remarkable collection of control systems, TV lifts, PLCs, etc. to help you make your dream kitchen a reality.