Introducing Our Quick Release Linear Actuator

Introducing Our Quick Release Linear Actuator

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

In an emergency, our machines and equipment are required to perform their function no matter the situation. Applications such as medical beds, patient lifts and security safes are a few examples of where optional fast deployment and functionality during an electrical power outage can be useful in emergencies. The PA-QR1 has been designed as the first quick release linear actuator by Progressive Automations to handle applications such as these. This article will cover the PA-QR1’s important specifications, compatible accessories, and its ideal applications to help you better understand how our linear actuator with quick release can be used.


PA-QR1 Quick Release Actuator


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Important Specifications

The PA-QR1 is currently our only quick release actuator offering added safety and introducing quick movement to applications through the release feature. Having the quick release as a safety feature helps in preventing situations where the application may get stuck in a single position.

Quick Release Feature

The PA-QR1 utilizes a cable pull-style release mechanism that when engaged, allows the shaft to be moved manually with no electrical power required. Moving the actuator’s plastic housing by hand to engage the quick release is possible, however, it is not recommended. For safety, we recommend engaging the quick release by pulling the cable using an installed lever. A force that is greater than 70 lbs must be applied to the shaft in the push or pull direction for the quick release feature to activate. Users may temporarily apply load by pulling or pushing on the shaft if the application load was less than 70 lbs.


Physical Appearance and Capabilities

Our PA-QR1 and PA-04 actuators have a similar shape and size however, the PA-QR1 is slightly larger in dimensions. With an ingress protection rating of IP54, this actuator is better suited for indoor applications. The PA-QR1 units also have 675 lbs of dynamic force rating, higher than the PA-04's force rating of 400 lbs off the shelf. The basic model PA-QR1 has a no-load speed of 0.30 inch/sec and 0.22 inch/sec fully loaded. In applications where less current draw or higher voltage operation was required, our PA-QR1 can be custom ordered for 24 VDC motors which have the specifications below:

Specifications the PA-QR1


To get a more detailed, comprehensive insight into the capabilities and operation of the PA-QR1, take a look at its datasheet. For dimensional drawings, head straight to page 4.


Compatible Accessories

For secure mounting of our PA-QR1 and safe activation of its quick release feature, we offer our mounting brackets and quick release lever with cable as extra accessories. Each of the accessories are sold separately in case only 1x component had to be replaced for a pre-existing system.

Mounting Brackets

Our BRK-02 is the compatible mounting bracket for PA-QR1 actuators. This bracket can be mounted on either the stroke or motor end and offers 180° rotation to your application without adding a significant amount of overall length.

BRK-02 mounting bracket

BRK-02 mounting bracket


Quick Release Lever and Cable

The AC-32 Quick Release Lever and Cable are designed to attach to our PA-QR1. They provide a safe method of engaging the quick release feature from up to 1.5m away without needing direct access to the actuator. The AC-32 has a detented position when fully drawn to provide a higher friction force to hold the cable in the fully drawn position; this will prevent the quick release from accidentally disengaging. Our AC-32 is crucial for systems that need the quick release to be engaged while the actuator cannot be easily accessed. For more details on setting up our AC-32, please refer to our AC-32 datasheet.  

AC-32 Quick Release Lever and Cable

AC-32 Quick Release Lever and Cable


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Applications Of the PA-QR1

Our PA-QR1 is an ideal solution for indoor applications which require electric actuators for providing linear motion while also having the option to manually move the shaft. A manual shaft with quick release is useful for applications that needed to operate in an electrical power outage or just because manual operation can offer a faster speed in emergencies found in:

  • Medical beds
  • Dental chairs
  • Patient lifts
  • Security safes
  • Trap doors

Medical Beds

Using the PA-QR1 as a medical bed linear actuator allows for users to conveniently raise and lower their beds into the desired position without much manual work. This medical bed linear actuator has its pull-style release mechanism which allows for optional manual movement of the shaft in case the patient suddenly needed the bed lowered. In emergencies such as the patient requiring medical assistance or CPR, the quick release offers faster lowering motion of the bed than normal operation with electrical power. This also allows the bed to be lowered if there was an electrical power outage.

Medical Beds


Patient Lifts

Patient lift actuators are commonly found in hospitals for safely lifting patients up from bed to lower them back later to their wheelchair and vice versa. By using our PA-QR1 as a patient lift actuator, the lift will have optional quick release for lowering the patient at a faster speed when necessary. Unpredictable situations such as electrical power outages or the patient requiring immediate medical attention is when the quick release feature comes in handy.

Security Safes

Police and military forces could use quick release linear actuators for raising and lowering hidden security safes which store guns, medical kits, and bulletproof vests. By pulling the quick release, the stored equipment in a drop-down orientation can be accessed immediately for emergencies or when under attack. If fast deployment was not required, the PA-QR1 has its normal operating speeds to raise and lower the hidden security safe conveniently without manual labor. Using a linear actuator with quick release also allows for access to the equipment if there was an electrical power outage.

Security Safes

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In Summary

Our PA-QR1 is a great option to consider for indoor applications that require a linear actuator with quick release. Using our AC-32 Quick Release Lever and Cable with the PA-QR1 offers the versatility of manual shaft operation in case of an electrical power outage or if manual operation offers a faster shaft speed when needed for emergencies. 

We offer many different actuators with customizable options to meet your needs. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best solution for your application.