New Rocker Switches For Actuator Movement

New Rocker Switches For Actuator Movement

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer

For the simple approach in operating your actuator, a rocker switch is a perfect unit as it is easy to use, versatile and can be discreetly located. Rocker switches can be recessed into a wall or into an enclosure box, making them out-of-sight yet easily accessible. The newest additions to our rocker switch inventory include turn switches, key switches, and emergency push buttons. Along with these new switches, we have introduced an enclosure box for turn/key switches as well as an enclosed push button switch. In this article, I will be going over the details of these new switches and how they may be perfect for your next application.

The Turn Switch is a 10A switch and is available in both momentary and non-momentary functions. It has 3 positions; left, center (neutral) and right. Depending on your application, you may use either left or right as the extend/retract position, where the center will always remain neutral. Using the Turn Switch may require a relay for your application.

Photo of a RC-16

The Key Switch is a 10A switch that functions similarly to how the Turn Switch is operated. Momentary and non-momentary switches are available in this style as well as built-in security. A key is required to change direction between extending and retracting. As a safety measure, the key can only be removed while in the centered neutral position. This is a great way to minimize operating users. Please note that a relay may be required for your application.
Photo of a RC-18

The Emergency Push Button is a 10A switch and is an ideal way to stop the movement of actuators instantly in case of an emergency. The large red button is easily visible in the event of an emergency. As the button is pressed, it will lock into the OFF position. To unlock this switch, rotate the button clockwise to release it. When working around mechanical equipment, safety precautions are the priority. Please note that a relay may be required for your application.

Photo of a RC-20

The Push Button Enclosure is a 3A switch and is perfect for easy to use momentary control for your actuator. The size of the enclosure is small enough to not be cumbersome yet is easy to hold in your hand. This control switch has two functions, either ON or OFF.

Photo of a RC-22

The Enclosure Box for the Turn switches and Key switches is a great way to mount your switch, exposing only the control switch. This box was made especially for the RC-16, RC-17, RC-18 and RC-19 switches. With its small dimension and lightweight design, housing these switches has never been easier.

Photo of a RC-21

With these new rocker switches and enclosure boxes available, you now have more options than ever to control your actuators! If you would like more information regarding these new units, please contact us at 1-800-676-6123 or email us at