Working with true innovators to build the latest technology for disinfecting high touch surfaces.

Dimer UV are experts in inventing cutting-edge germicidal UV light disinfection systems. The company's mission is to set new, higher standards for public health in transportation and shared spaces. In May of 2020, Dimer announced an exclusive, worldwide strategic partnership with Honeywell International Inc. to bring germicidal UV lighting technology to the Aerospace industry.

The arrangement brought Dimer's six-year development of GermFalcon, now branded as the Honeywell UV Cabin System, to global aviation. This strategic partnership enabled Dimer to further commercialize and deploy its germicidal UV technology platform known as UVHammer for healthcare.

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Dimer UV is a leader in the professional infection control community in UVC research and innovation. Impressed with the reliability and efficacy of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation and its various applications in healthcare and proper applications, they have also explored its potential in other areas.


When developing the UVHammer, Dimer needed to find the right linear actuator to maneuver the unit’s UVC wing assembly. Other suppliers Dimer worked with in the past were not only more expensive and less reliable, but also unwilling to troubleshoot issues when they arose. From there, Dimer turned to Progressive Automations.


Flexible Customization

We were able to cater to the every need of this customer, as we understood how specific the application was. Our customization capabilities included voltage, speed, and stroke length.


Competitive Pricing

Our actuators were fairly priced without compromising on quality or reliability. From their research of numerous suppliers, Progressive Automations came out on top.


Expert Engineers

To successfully implement our actuators into their system, they needed excellent customer service and expert advice throughout the whole process.


Dimer found that Progressive Automation was not only the most reliable partner but was also able to offer the most competitive pricing

Progressive Automations went above and beyond for Dimer when it came to custom orders, ensuring that everything was built to the most exact specification.

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  • Dimer prides themselves on the reliability of their UVC solutions, making this a critical factor in their partnerships.
  • Even as order quantities have risen, Progressive Automation’s actuators have remained consistent - not a single actuator has failed in the field.
  • Beyond peace of mind, reliable parts offer Dimer significant value in reduced maintenance costs and an improved customer experience.


With this strong partnership secured - Dimer’s UVHammer is market ready, bringing its revolutionary disinfection solution to any environment.

Ultimate Reliability
Engineered to last with zero failure rate

Rapid Deployment Production
Scaled up fast to meet demand

Significant Savings
Powerful yet economical

Seamless Integration
Multiple Units work in harmony

About Progressive Automations

About Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of motion control products worldwide. Based in North America, they have over decade of experience and their range of linear motion products is one of the largest, most cost-effective in the industry.

Progressive Automations' main goal is to not only meet the growing demand for automation, but to create this demand through innovative new products, capabilities, and technological advancements. They specialize in customization and have dedicated Success Managers ready to find a product solution to suit any application.