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About Us



We are Progressive Automations, one of the top manufactures and distributors of linear actuators and linear motion control products worldwide. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and are always striving for more. Our goal is to lead the industry in innovation while bringing you the most affordable, high quality linear motion products that money can buy.


Our Mission

We offer the most comprehensive selection of linear motion products and expert customer service to satisfy all our customers, from automation enthusiasts to large scale partners; we develop our talented team to surpass all expectations; we grow and prosper professionally while having fun in life.

In order to remain an industry leader in linear motion products and controls we know we need to stay ahead of the competition. Whether that is with consistent product innovation, custom building units for an array of applications or years of experience working with and expanding into a variety of industries, we are always looking forward.


Our Products

We have one of the largest and most cost effective lines of linear motion products in the industry and are constantly researching and developing new, improved actuator models each year. Our diverse selection of linear actuators is second to none, with industrial models, micro models, high speed models and feedback models just  to name a few. We also have a great collection of cutting edge table lifts and TV lifts that offer a variety of different automation options.
For full control capabilities of our actuators we have a wide range of motion control systems, including PLC controls and control boxes with wired and wireless models available for purchase. The installation process is made simple thanks to our mounting brackets, with specialized brackets made for each unit we carry. Finally, our line of power supplies and accessories are there to give you even more control and installation options for use with our linear actuators.


Why go Progressive?

If you are still not convinced about our products then here are even more reasons to start using Progressive Automations today. We do not tolerate failure with our products, every single product is quality tested before being sold. We can customize an actuator for you based on your own custom specifications, giving you the freedom to create your perfect actuator. We offer a comprehensive, industry leading 18-month warranty on all of our products and our same-day shipping service means you’ll get your orders faster than anywhere else.
If you would like to learn more about us or have any questions please give our customer service department a call at 1-800-676-6123.

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