How to Set up TV in the Backyard

How to Set up TV in the Backyard

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An outdoor TV is a dream to many homeowners. Just imagine sitting outside enjoying the fresh air, wonderful weather, and watching an outdoor TV.

If you like this idea, you have two options to select from:

  • Purchasing a ready waterproof TV with all the needed equipment;
  • Installing a TV outside.

Putting a TV outside is not as complicated as you might believe. We have collected some TV setup ideas with detailed instructions. You need to prepare the required materials, to find an outdoor TV area, and finally, to move to install a TV outside.

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How to Install Cable Box

There are special requirements for an outdoor cable box. First, you need to know where to put a cable box when mounting the TV. The best way to mount a TV cable box is to do it inside the house. It shall be located in the place from where you can reach your DIY outdoor TV installation easily.

You can use HDMI cables if the distance between the cable box and your TV is not big. In other cases, we recommend using an HDMI to CAT converter. You choose whether you prefer a wired or wireless installation. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks.

When it comes to the cable box design, there is a lot of cable box mounting ideas on the web. You can select some to make the installation look nice.

Patio TV cabinet


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Outdoor TV Mounting Ideas

When making your DIY outdoor TV cabinet plans, consider some details for your installation. Make sure you have checked what the proper TV mounting height is. It is recommended to install the TV in the shade. If the TV is in the sunlight, it will be difficult to see the image. If there is no shade in the needed place, place your TV screen towards the south. The sun will be mostly behind the TV.

If you cannot meet these requirements, you might want to consider special TVs with special panels. To make a drop-down or flip-up TV lift you need to use actuators. For some outdoor ideas, you may need a custom linear actuator. If you need one, require a free consultation from our engineers.

Now, it is time to decide what DIY outdoor TV stand you are going to use. There are many wonderful outdoor TV stand ideas. You can select those cool TV mount ideas that are convenient to you, suit the environment of your yard and are reliable enough.

The best outdoor TV mount is weather rated and resistant enough to hold both any type of fold down TVs and the TV enclosure. Make sure the TV mount hooks comply with the same requirements. Don’t forget to ensure the place where to put the receiver with wall mount TV.

Best Height for TV

The proper height to hang TV depends on the TV size. For example, if you have a 42” television, the ideal TV mounting height is around 56 inches from the floor to the screen center. For a 55” TV, the best TV mounting height is around 61 inches, and so on. The bigger the screen is, the bigger is the height.

We would like to add though that the height also will depend greatly on how to mount a TV outside and where to mount TV. For example, if you want to watch TV outside while making a barbeque, you might want to have a TV screen slightly higher. If you prefer watching an interesting movie or a show during a picnic, a smaller mounting height might be preferred. A recommended TV mounting height might be different, as you can see.

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DIY Outdoor TV Cabinet

If you want to watch TV outside, one of the most challenging tasks will be to find out how to protect the TV outside. Do you know how to build a weatherproof TV cabinet? It is necessary to consider a number of factors to design a proper outdoor TV wall cabinet.

If you live in a place where heavy rains are common, you shall consider ways to build an outdoor TV cabinet that can protect your equipment from water. If strong winds are frequent, your outdoor wall-mounted TV cabinet shall be dust-proof. If your residence place is humid, proper ventilation for your outdoor flat-screen TV cabinet is a must.

The design can be any that you like. The best outdoor TV cabinet ideas depend on your taste and the style of your habitat.

DIY TV Outdoor TV Enclosure

A TV enclosure is a next challenge you will face if your idea is hanging a TV outside. The design might differ. However, to protect your TV from damaging environmental influences, you should consider the following when making a DIY outdoor TV box:

  • Your TV enclosure might be weatherproof or not, depending on the location of your installation.
  • An outdoor TV box cover might be thicker to protect your TV from theft.
  • You might also consider waterproof TV covers for outside to protect it from water splashes.
Outdoor TV mount


How to Protect an Outdoor TV

You need to do proper research to make a creative TV stand solution. Many factors need to be considered. You will need to take specific measures to protect your TV from environmental factors and theft. For that, it is recommended to use an IP rated TV enclosure, a heavy-duty mount, a weatherproof cabinet.

How Much Does It Cost to Mount a TV

How much can it cost to mount a TV on the wall? It depends on what option from the outdoor TV installation ideas you select. If you buy ready equipment, the cost to mount TV and hide wires might reach several thousand. If you prefer DIY ways to mount a TV, your expenses can be around 500-700 USD. But in the second case, you need to consider many things about how to keep a TV outside.

Now that you know all about the main outdoor TV setup ideas, you might be asking yourself “Do I need an outdoor TV?” If your reply is “Yes, I do!”, then go on and arrange it.