Comparing Our Mini Linear Actuator vs Our Feedback Mini Linear Actuator

Comparing Our Mini Linear Actuator vs Our Feedback Mini Linear Actuator

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Guest Writer
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Progressive Automations has a diverse product range that caters to all segments of the motion control market, from industrial-grade linear actuators to small-scale devices. We have established a strong brand identity through top-of-the-line products and unmatched customer service, part of which is this blog where we can update our clientele on what is going on in the industry.  

This blog will focus on the very specialized market of mini actuators. We will provide a linear actuator comparison between two of our most popular products: PA-14 and PA-14P.

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An Introduction to PA-14 & PA-14P

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Since both of these products share a great number of specifications and features, let us shed light on the commonalities first.

The PA-14 and PA-14P are leading sales in the medium-force, mid-range mini linear actuator market. They are specifically designed for applications that are not suitable for regular-sized motion actuation devices, but without compromising on build quality or performance characteristics.

These qualities make them the prime choice for compact-space motion actuation such as robotics, household appliances & infrastructure, consumer items, etc.

When it comes to performance specifications, both these mini actuators are capable of withstanding up to an amazing 300 lbs of force in static condition and 150 lbs under dynamic loading. Corresponding to these, the linear travel speed can go up to a maximum of 2.00 inches/second, which is more than enough for specific applications.

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Being mini actuators, their stroke length varies from 1”- 40”. Customers have an option to have limit switch feedback to control the actuator with their own system, based on their application. Additionally, PA-14 and PA-14P are manufactured from high-grade Aluminum 6062 alloy and feature IP54 ingress protection, rendering their structures robust and sturdy.


How is PA-14P Superior?

We summarized the qualities that the PA-14P and PA-14 – 12-Volt linear actuator share. Now, we differentiate between them to help readers choose what is best for their application.

As the heading suggests, the PA-14P is a bit superior to the PA-14. It is a mini linear actuator with feedback: potentiometer feedback to be specific. The feedback mechanism allows it to be used as part of a closed-loop control system, which opens up an entire dimension of motion actuation applications.

Diving deeper into the integral design of the PA-14P feedback actuator, it is basically comes equipped with a state-of-the-art Potentiometer. The potentiometer device allows the actuator to communicate its current position to a controller, which can utilize it in a variety of useful ways. To know more about the use of microcontrollers with feedback-based actuators, give this blog a read.

Some of the applications that PA-14P is capable of include lifting/tilting systems comprising multiple actuators, robotics, home automation, etc.



feedback mini linear actuator

Progressive Automations has a huge fleet of products that are built to complement each other. PA-14 and PA-14P can be bought in conjunction with other devices and accessories that enhance their utility and augment their performance.

Since PA-14P is a feedback actuator, it requires a controller to be purchased along with it if the customer wants to use that feedback. You can browse through the control systems we have to offer and pick one that goes with your plans. There are lots of options that are purpose-built for potentiometer feedback actuators. For example, our PA-39 Dual Potentiometer Controller would be perfect if you are using PA-14P for a small table lift or on a cabinet door.

Moving on to mounting options, the BRK-14 Mounting Bracket is custom-designed for both these mini linear actuators. They provide strong support and mobility to the actuator body and are very easy to install by oneself. A couple of these with your actuator will relieve you of lots of undue stress during installation.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we hope that the comparison between both products was comprehensive. The difference, while just one, creates a significant divide in their utility and must be fully understood before a decision is made.

The PA-14 and PA-14P are both ideal for mini actuator systems and have set a standard in the market for their size group. To know more about this incredible duo or general queries about our products, feel free to reach out to our customer support staff.