An Easy Solution to Open and Close Engine
Hatches on Boats

Electric linear actuators provide a reliable lift on the engine hatch, making it easier to access the heart of the vessel.
The engine hatch protects the engine from seawater splashes which can corrode and cause further damage to the engine’s life span. To ensure the boat engine is well protected, the hatch cover tends to be large and sometimes quite heavy. Opening this alone can be difficult and at times, impossible to do alone. In such cases, a motorized lift for the engine hatch would provide easy access to the engine while retaining the protection needed against the elements.
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  • Manual effort to open large and heavy hatch covers.
  • Inconvenient access to the engine.
  • Limited space to mount the actuator; hence, we need to ensure no obstruction to motion while the unit is operational and when completely extended.
  • A fail-safe way to access the engine in the event of a hatch lift or power failure.
  • The PA-04-HS actuator IP66 uses built-in proprietary hall effect feedback, which allows for synchronization, speed control, and position control.
  • We customized our actuator with a push only modification.


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  • Reduced effort to open and close the hatch cover.
  • Enhanced user experience with automated hatch lift.
  • Reduced manual labor and safety hazard while operating the boat.
  • Improved flexibility and safe access to the engine compartment that can be accessed manually or through motorized means.
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PA Product Used

PA-04-HS with Push Only customization

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