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high current speed control of linear actuator

High Current Speed Control Of A Linear Actuator

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
PA Engineer

The new high current DC Speed Controller (AC-26-30) increases the control capabilities for linear actuators in the entire Progressive Automations’ inventory. With a 30A current rating, and 12-48VDC voltage range, the AC-26-30 can control the speed for all of the Progressive Automations’ actuators from 0% to 100% speed.

The onboard control knob allows fine-tuning control and a secure “off” position. Four conveniently located screw terminals at the front of the unit allow for a straight forward hook up. A built-in fuse helps protects against short circuits. Follow the DC Speed Control of a Linear Actuator wiring diagram in our Downloads section, this efficient and simple wiring method provides full speed control in the extend and retract directions.

DC Speed Controller Schema

For a visual guide, follow our YouTube instructional video for how to hook up a DC Speed Controller here:

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