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5 Reasons to Invest in a TV lift for Your Home

Supriya Samuel
Supriya Samuel

Whether It’s Netflix or cable television, we all own a flat-screen TV at home to binge-watch all our favorite movies and TV series. Television has become a significant part of our homes either proudly displayed on a wall or perfectly set up on a TV cabinet.

We are living in the age where many aspects of our day-to-day lives are moving towards automation - from automatic lights, garage doors, heating, cooling and much more. A lot can be controlled with just the touch of a button. And nowadays, you can even hide the TV unit when you don’t need it and have it pop up when you want. That’s right – You can do this with the help of a TV lift mechanism.

In this blog, we will highlight a few reasons why investing in a motorized TV lift can help not only automate your home and make viewing convenient but also add more space and improve the overall décor of your home.

Protect Your TV

Motorized TV Lift

A flat-screen television is expensive, and we make quite the effort in research on the best TV to buy – the brand, its size, resolution, price and more. So needless to say it becomes more important to protect your TV. A TV lift mechanism lets you conceal your TV inside a cabinet or behind a frame when not in use. By hiding your TV, you protect it from any accidental damage.

Save Space

Hiding your TV not only enables you to protect it from external factors but also helps save space in your living room. All you need is a TV lift mechanism that hides your TV when you’re not using it creating more space and less clutter. When you hide your TV in a cabinet you can use the new space created on the tabletop to place other décor items, books, a study table or even use it as a coffee table.

A Surprise Element for Your Guests

When you conceal and then reveal something, there’s always that sense of anticipation and excitement. With a TV Lift mechanism, you can add a little excitement to house parties and get-togethers. Show off your hidden TV lift and watch your guests in awe as your TV pops out of a hidden cabinet or from behind a frame.

Create More Room

TV Lift Mechanism

If your TV dominates your room décor and occupies a large amount of space in your living room, a TV lift mechanism will help bring in that extra room when you need it the most. Whether you choose a pop-up or drop-down TV lift, you get more room to add chairs, storage, the furniture you absolutely need or even make room to move around your home.

Minimalistic Décor

Minimalism is a new trend and a visual concept that presents a design in a clean, crisp and stylish way.  A TV lift mechanism lets you get creative to find ways to use this automation technology within your own home. From placing a television in your backyard, inside a cabinet to hiding your TV behind an artwork, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, it creates a great looking piece of furniture or art to enhance your room décor and create an automated TV lift system that looks good!