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Consumer robotics is ushering in the next wave of technological advancements. To date, only Hollywood movies were showing robots working shoulder to shoulder with humans; who knows this might become the eventual reality soon. While robots working with humans might not be a reality at this point, one can’t negate the role of consumer robotics in our lives.

According to recent research, by 2024, consumer robots will boost the market demand to 39 million. Additionally, 79 million homes all over the world will utilize robots as a part of their day to day activities. Home robots like Foldimate and Roomba have already become the favorite of many households globally.

With so many different activities already being performed by consumer robots, there are a series of different robots easing out the lives of consumers.

Vaccum Robot

Home robotics has been in force since 2002. Roomba might have paved the way for household robotics, but many others have taken the lead since then. Consumer robotics companies are majorly making use of artificial intelligence to drive performance. Why limit the world of household robots to Roomba, when there are a series of other consumer robots, doing the rounds of the market?

Vacuum Robots

Roxxter, by Bosch, works well with Alexa, and it vacuums the floors at a single command. Equipped with intelligent navigation software, it can thoroughly clean each corner of the house, as per the directions of the human user. It stores a series of maps simultaneously, and it can work well in multi-storied houses as well. Connect it with your smartphone, so that you can activate Roxxter while being on the move.

Pool Cleaning Robots

Pool Cleaning robot

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, may not be cheap, but it is top-notch and ranks high on the price and performance. Dolphin Nautilus, a pool cleaning robot, will not only scrub the floors and the walls of your pool but also clean each inch of your pool. The Dolphin is as good as its name; with a capability to clean pools up to 50 feet, it can clean an entire pool within 2 hours. Choose your cleaning frequency and set the Dolphin to take care of the necessary chores in a matter of hours. An ideal companion for those who want to avoid putting manual effort to clean their pools daily.

Personal Assistant Robots

Aido is one of the most renowned and smartest personal assistant robots in the market currently. The next-generation robot is intelligent, yet interactive and extremely mobile. It can play with your children, maintain your schedule, while also project movies and work as a gaming device for the end-users. Like Aido, there are many other personal assistant devices in the market. These include the likes of Alpha 2, Zenbo, Kuri and Buddy amongst many others.

Lawn Mowing Robots

Lawn Robots

WORX Landroid is a lawn mowing robot, which is here to stay. With its sleek design, it is compact enough to fit into narrow areas and can mow grass, at a 20-degree incline as well. The mower is designed to avoid obstacles; in case you have small shrubs within your garden, it will avoid those and mow the rest of the area conveniently.

Home automation robots are the next age technological advancements, which will make the next decade even more interesting. With such rapid advancement, there is always scope for success. As voice recognition robotics like Roomba and many others are taking the stand, the smart home artificial intelligence technology is here to stay.

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