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How Robots for Your Home Change Your Life

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Smart home robots have made great advancements in the past several years, ushering in a new wave of robots for home use. Hollywood has been showing robots working shoulder to shoulder with humans since the Jetsons in the early 1960’s. While Rosey the robot maid is not yet reality, it can't be denied that today's technology is bringing us closer and closer to having robots in your home, and in your workplace.

According to recent research by ABI, by 2024 the personal home robots market will have a demand of 39 million individual robots per year. It is also predicted that 79 million homes all over the world will utilize robots as a part of their day to day activities. Household robots like Foldimate and Roomba have already become the favorite of many households globally.

There are many everyday tasks that robots can already perform such as cleaning floors and pools, mowing your lawn, helping you as a personal assistant, or just to keep you company. Every year, more and more companies are releasing new robots for your house that are designed to ease the lives of consumers, and with smart home devices gaining popularity household robotics are becoming smarter and more efficient at the jobs they are designed to do.

House Robots

Vacuum Robots

Vaccum Robot


Roxxter, made by Bosch, was designed to work with the Alexa assistant and can connect to many other smart home devices, it will start vacuuming the floor with a single command. Equipped with intelligent navigation software, it can thoroughly clean each corner of the house, with the included camera system allowing for remote viewing of its progress on a smartphone or tablet. The Roxxter can map out up to three different floors which it uses independently for easy navigation of multi-floor homes.

Since 2002 iRobot's Roomba has been paving the way for robots in the home, and since then many more consumer robots have been released. Now with the increased use of artificial intelligence, consumer robotics companies are driving performance to new levels. Soon simple vacuum robots will be left in the dust. With many new series of consumer robotics entering the market, robots in the home are no longer limited to just vacuuming.

Personal Assistant Robots

Personal Assistant Robots


Aido from InGen Dynamics is one of the most renowned and smartest personal assistant robots currently in the market. The next-generation robot is intelligent, interactive, and extremely mobile. It can play with your children, maintain your schedule, help with your household chores, and can even play movies and music with its built-in projector and speakers. Like Aido, there are many other personal assistant devices in the market, such as Alpha 2, Zenbo, Kuri and Buddy amongst many others.

Outdoor Robots

Pool Cleaning Robots

Pool Cleaning robot


The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has a steep price tag, but it is top-notch and ranks high on reliability and performance. This pool cleaning robot will not only scrub the floors and walls of your pool but will do so as an independent cleaning machine that does not rely on any additional equipment to get the job done. The Dolphin is as good of an underwater navigator as its name; with a capability to clean pools up to 50 feet long it uses smart navigation to clean an entire pool within 2 hours. The Nautilus CC can be scheduled to clean your pool however often you need making it an ideal companion for those who want to avoid manually cleaning their pools daily.

Lawn Mowing Robots

Lawn Robots


The WORX Landroid is a lawn mowing robot, and can take care of up to a 1/4 acre of grass on its own. With its sleek design, it is compact enough to fit into narrow areas around your yard and can mow grass at a 20-degree incline. The mower is designed to avoid obstacles like furniture or other plants and conveniently path around them.


Home automation robots are part of the next age of technological advancements making our everyday lives easier. With rapid advancement, there is always something new coming to aid our lives. As smart household robots like Roomba, Aido, and many others become a normalized part of our lives, smart home systems and artificial intelligence are securing themselves as part of our futures.