Photo of the linear actuator PA-03 by Progressive Automations

Capabilities of The PA-03 Linear Actuator

Loureal Agustin
Loureal Agustin
PA Engineer

If a high force is needed to be delivered at a low cost per unit of force, a hydraulic actuator would be the go-to automation tool for linear motion. Unfortunately, hydraulic actuators are very high maintenance and cause oil leakages due to the product’s nature.

However, electric linear actuators with high-force capacities are now available! The PA-03 Linear Actuator is an excellent choice for projects or applications that require high force and a low current rating.

Our PA-03 has two main models, “X” being the stroke length that is required:

  • PA-03-X-200 has a 200 LBS force rating that can achieve a speed of 1.6”/sec fully loaded, with a 9A current draw.
  • PA-03-X-600 has a 600 LBS force rating that can achieve a speed of 0.39”/sec fully loaded, with a 7.6A current draw.

The PA-03 has an ingress protection rating of IP43. This means that it is protected from dust and gentle splashes of water. Additionally, it works with two of our mounting brackets as follows:

  • BRK-02 can be used for mounting either side of the actuator.
  • BRK-01 can be used for the motor side, which allows for a 180-degree motion of the actuator.

Application of the PA-03

Automation for Cars & trucks: The PA-03 has been used by customers who needed reliable automation for cars and trucks, such as trunks and tonneau covers.

Linear actuator for truck hood

For this type of application, a pair of PA-03 actuators customized to have hall effect sensors can be synchronously controlled by our PA-40 control box. This control box is provided with a wireless RF remote that can control the motion of the actuators from 30ft up to 50ft (open-air).

Another option available is the use of the LC-062 Arduino Due. Check out our Instructables regarding this particular microcontroller working with hall effect sensor actuators.

Animatronics: The PA-03 may be used for exhibitions or projects to create realistic animatronics such as moving jaws of a dinosaur, robotic automation or Halloween costume applications.

Halloween Props: Speaking of Halloween, you can use the PA-03 to create spooky props to frighten some trick-or-treaters at your doorstep. 

Medical Equipment: The PA-03 is also of capable use in the medical industry. CT, PET or MRI scanners that include platforms to lie on require actuators that can correct the height of this platform, as well as the moving in and out of the scanning area.

Customization Options of The PA-03

The PA-03 can be customized with the following specifications:

  • Force rating to 1000 LBS (0.20” per second).
  • Voltage rating to 24VDC.
  • Stroke Length from 1” to 40”.
  • Add Reed Switch (For 600LBS force rating or greater) or Hall Effect Sensors.

Keep in mind that all custom orders have a lead time of 20 to 25 business days for production manufacturing, not including the shipping time.

Difference between Hall Effect Sensors & Reed Switches

A reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. Its contacts are normally open and consist of a pair on ferrous metal reeds in an airtight glass envelope. The switch is closed by bringing a magnet near the switch. The reed switch option is popular for battery-powered applications.

With a hall effect sensor, this feedback allows for actuator synchronization, speed control, and position control. It draws a small amount of current at all times compared to the reed switch. It can perform similar functions as the reed switch, but with no moving parts.

If you need more information about the customization of our linear actuators, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Overall, the PA-03 would be a great option to consider for applications requiring high force and low current draw. If you require further assistance on the PA-03 Linear Actuator, give us a call at 1-800-676-6123, or email us at