Photo of lifting columns by Progressive Automations

High Performance Motorized Lifting Columns – The FLT-07

Mark Luciano
Mark Luciano
PA Engineer

At Progressive Automations we offer electric lifting columns that convert rotational motion from DC motors into linear motion. Our lifting columns are designed for smooth, quiet, and maintenance-free operation providing a variety of applications. In this article, we will specifically discuss one of our high force lifting column sets, the FLT-07.

A Two Lifting Columns System

The FLT-07 comes with two lifting columns, capable of lifting up to 880lbs. These columns are perfect for industrial style workstations because of their high force output. Automated designs are becoming more and more common and the FLT-07 allows users to move a heavy load with the push of a button.

Each lifting column sits at about 2 feet in height in its retracted position, 8 inches in width and 4.5 inches deep. It can extend 32 inches, giving it a max height of nearly 6 feet at its fully extended position. The lifting columns utilize a telescoping design allowing them to retract to a height that is shorter than its stroke length.

The aluminum finish on the lifting columns gives them a uniquely modern appearance that is suitable for a variety of uses. Our confidence in the high level of reliability and quality is backed up by a 7-year warranty that is provided with all FLT-07 sets.


Every FLT-07 comes with two lifting columns, a control box, and an LED hand remote. The setup is very straight forward. Instructions can be found on the FLT-07 datasheet directly from our website. The two lifting columns and the hand remote plug directly into the control box, connect the control box to power and everything is ready for operation.


Using the wired remote, pressing and holding the “up” arrow will raise the lifting columns. Press and hold the “down” arrow to lower the lifting columns. The up/down features are momentary controlled, meaning the lifting columns will stop if the button is not held down.

The LED hand remote allows a user to save up to 4 preset locations. To set the lifting columns to a desired preset height simply press the “M” button followed by a number of your choosing (1-4). Whenever that number is pushed the lifting columns will raise or lower to the preset height. The lifting columns can be stopped by pressing any button on the hand remote.


The FLT-07 is very user friendly and the applications are endless. The tops and bottom plates of each lifting column have 4 mounting holes allowing you to mount to nearly any surface. Whether you’re looking to automate a workstation or have a project that requires precise and reliable lifting, the FLT-07 lifting column set will exceed expectations.