Actuators for Solar Panels

Actuators for Solar Panels

Frank Zhang
Frank Zhang
PA Engineer

Solar panels have become more popular over the last 20 years to help reduce our energy bills as well as have less of a carbon footprint on the environment. The main issue that has plagued solar panel use over the years is they cannot follow the sun to take full advantage of the sun's power.

Progressive Automations offers an inexpensive and safe alternative to take full advantage of the sun all hours of the day. To have a system in the video above installed by a professional would cost thousands of dollars. Using actuators and some additional materials you will be able to achieve the same professional build for a fraction of the cost. Using linear actuators makes possible to move your solar panels in almost any direction and will significantly reduce your energy bill over non-moving solar panels in your home.

We recommend using PA-17 linear actuators with 2000lbs of force. This will allow holding the solar panels as well as accommodate for wind resistance pressure being applied to the panels. Progressive Automations recommends you use additional mounting for safety measures if in an area is known for strong winds.

To reduce the cost further you are able to manually control your actuators instead of a solar tracking system by using one of the PA-25 control boxes. We can customize control boxes for PA-17 actuator management. Feel free to contact us regarding any of these options.


2 x Linear Actuators (PA-17 model).
  • Stroke: 6" to 24" depending on where you mount and lift height required.
  • Force: each actuator should be 1600lbs - 2000lbs (to account for the solar panels and wind resistance).
4 x Mounting Brackets (BRK-17 model).

Estimated Cost

The price will be $645 without the control box and $870 with the control box accordingly.

Project Assembly Time

Under 4 hours once all other assembly is in place.

The above products were recommended based on our experience. Different products and control options can be used.

Not sure? Check out this video of a solar panel tracking system below.