Automated Spice Rack

Automated Spice Rack

Jake Hewer
Jake Hewer
PA Engineer

Automation products are becoming more popular in today’s household. The video below shows an example of one way automation is used in the average home today. With the help of this video and the information provided we hope you will be able to learn how to build your own automated spice rack. This project is also designed to give you ideas about different types of projects that can be done around the home and office. Linear actuators can help save space, provide innovative designs and make your home working more efficiently.


1) Purchase a spice rack or the material to build your own.

2) Purchase guide rails. Make sure the guide rails you purchase are at least as long as your spice rack.

3) Build your spice rack or assemble your purchased one (if required).

4) Attach the guide rails and mounting bracket to your spice rack.

5) Cut a hole in your kitchen cabinet to fit the length, width and depth of your spice rack.

6) Attach the second (motor end) mounting bracket into the location where the spice rack will retract to.

In the video we attached the motor end mounting bracket to piece of wood and then attach the wood to bottom of the cabinet.

7) Attach the actuator to the spice rack.

8) Mount your guide (with spice rack attached) rails to your counter.

9) Attached rocker switch and battery to actuator.

10) Enjoy your new automated spice rack!

The materials provided by Progressive Automations


1 x Linear Actuators (PA-14 model)

Stroke: 6??? to 24??? depending on the size and height of your spice rack.

(PA-14-12-50 used in the video below)

Force: 50lbs

2 x Mounting Brackets (BRK-14 model)

1 x RC-01 Rocker Switch

1 x AC-03 Battery


AC-10 control box (for DC power and wireless control)

PA-20 control box (for AC power and wired control)

PA-30 control box (for DC power and wireless control)

Estimated Cost:

$185.00 for material from Progressive Automations

$120 for material to create spice rack (including railing)

Project Assembly Time:

Under 4 hours

The above products were recommended based on the project in the video below. Different products and controls options can be used.

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