Hidden Tv In Cabinet Using Linear Actuators

Hidden TV Cabinet with Linear Actuators

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer
Your life has just been made easier with this new automated cabinet system made possible with mini-linear actuators from Progressive Automations. Our customers have provided this innovative and unique design, automating their cabinet to hide and reveal their TV.

Two mini-tube linear actuators have been used for this cabinet system, along with a wireless control system. As you can see in the video, the controls are simple, straight forward and wireless, making the system convenient. The cabinet is small in width, so it makes a great solution for those who are tight on space.

The actuator model used is a PA-11-D30 and the control system model is a PA-31, just in case you’re thinking about taking up this project yourself. Progressive Automations has all the products you need to complete the automation in this project like motorized TV lifts and mounting brackets. Contact us today to find out how you can build your own TV cabinet with our help. Contact us at 1.800.676.6123.