Photo of a lifting columns by Progressive Automations

Sponsorship: Dr. Decks Phantom Bench Using Our Table Lift

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer

Progressive Automations is proud to present this video from Dr. Decks using our FLT-03-2-2 Table Lift.

Home automation is about innovation. Doing something that makes you think about the possibilities in a way you never thought possible. In this highly anticipated video, Dr. Decks has built the Phantom Bench. It seems like a deck, right? At the flip of a switch, the automation kicks into action revealing a hidden bench.

When we saw what Dr. Decks was doing with automation, we were excited to team up and help him make this project a reality. Thanks for providing us with this video, Dr!

The Phantom Bench makes use of two lifting columns, the FLT-03-2-2 set.

Keep an eye out for more, because this is just the beginning.