Top 10 Questions We Get from Our OEM Customers

Top 10 Questions We Get from Our OEM Customers

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

When looking for a partner to meet your OEM needs, it is crucial to choose a company you can trust with confidence. Since 2008, Progressive Automations has been offering industry leading flexibility, quality, support, and field experience to become the trusted partner for various OEMs worldwide. We will be covering the top 10 questions we get from our OEM customers which you will find useful in your search for a parts supplier of electric linear actuators.

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1. I have irregular requirements for actuators, but a plannable yearly quantity. I would like to avoid long lead times and get a discount based on my EAU. How do you support this requirement?


Progressive Automations offers zero-lead time blanket orders that give you flexibility on timeline, quantity and actuator model, while ensuring the unit price is based on the total EAU. A blanket order is an agreement to purchase a certain quantity of units over a certain timeframe and requires credit approval. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more.


2.    What are the extents of your customization capabilities?


Our customization capabilities are limitless. The datasheets we have show the standard specifications and commonly requested customizations; however, this does not limit us from custom manufacturing to your needs. A notable example of our customization capabilities can be seen below:


PA-14 datasheet-listed capabilities

and specifications 

Basic screws and washers
for external and

internal components

Custom option available for limit switch feedback

with regular wiring internally

Plastic top cap with no seals added

Basic lead screw internal component

Cable strain relief installed inside of gearbox cover

Standard cable orientation
and standard hole

for cable on gearbox cover

Custom option available for brushless motor with

regular wiring

PA-14 customizations we have

previously done

Added thread lockers on external and internal screws 

Added extra protection using heat-shrink covered

wires for limit switch feedback

top cap with rubber oil seal and epoxy added

Added rubber stopper on end of lead screw

Cable strain relief installed on the gearbox cover

Repositioned cable orientation
and removed

standard hole for cable on gearbox cover

Added strain relief plug on brushless motor housing

and added heat shrink wrap to fit tightly through plug



3.    Are you able to support our OEM replacement business?

Support OEM Yes, we can supply your components completely white-labelled, exclusive to your company so you may have complete ownership over your products.

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4.    If we want to offer a certain warranty to our customers, can you match it with a warranty extension?

Warranty On top of our standard 18-month warranty, we will flexibly extend warranty terms so you can reap the benefits of selling extended coverage as part of your product. – Please reach out to your dedicated Success Manager for more information.


5.    Is there any way I can avoid lead times?  

Lead times

Once the production standard has been established for a standard or custom order, we have zero lead times for blanket orders which we manufacture in advance.


6. Do you offer credit/net terms?

Credit terms

Yes, we do offer credit terms. After submitting your credit terms application form, our accounting department will review your application and contact you back with an update.


7.   Is there a free sampling program for your existing customers?

Test an actuators

Yes, our existing customers can test out actuators even before they are released. Get ahead of your competition by having better-performing products before them! – Please reach out to your dedicated Success Manager for more information.

We also have a free actuator guide written by engineers, for engineers to help you on how to select, test and implement linear motion for any application.


8.    Can you develop an actuator from scratch for us?

Develop an actuator

Yes, we have the facilities, manufacturing equipment and engineering expertise to develop an actuator from scratch for you. There are restrictions on what makes economical sense, so reach out to us if you want to learn more and partner with us to create your ideal solution.


9.    How do you ensure that your supply chain is consistent, efficient, and will not fail even in the face of global uncertainties that we have faced?

Managing supply chain

This question can be split into two sections:

How are you managing your own supply chain to prevent delays and interruptions?

By being a multinational company with multiple warehouse locations and having thousands of different shipping partners, redundancy ensures we have all the back up plans needed to face any global uncertainty. If one of our warehouse locations or shipping partners can no longer operate, our team gets informed immediately and will switch to our alternative options. This prevents any delays or interruptions as we want to ensure the best service for all our valued partners and customers. We have maintained 97% on-time shipments since March 2020, even when faced with unsurmountable uncertainty.

How are you managing resources to ensure enough manpower to accommodate OEMs’ demands when the economy recovers?

Progressive Automations works with a vast selection of manufacturing partners that we monitor with active management. All our manufacturing partners are bench marked based on their time deliveries and quality control. Based on this score, we load balance by assigning the suitable volume for our different factories to ensure excellent service, lowest lead time and highest quality.


10. How do we ensure that our proprietary data is protected? Plans, prototypes, etc.

At Progressive Automations, security of all proprietary data is of the up most importance and we are more than happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. We ensure all proprietary data is kept protected in access-controlled shared drives with export controls on a need-to-know basis.

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In summary

As one of the top suppliers of electric linear actuators, Progressive Automations offers industry leading flexibility, quality, support, and field experience that any OEM can reliably count on. If you have any other questions on what we can offer for your OEM needs, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and want to ensure you find the best solutions and supplier.