Photo of at exhibited Automate 2019

Automate 2019: The Future of Automation Under One Roof

Automate 2019 saw a massive turnout, and We were there!

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer

Progressive Automations at Automate 2019

The world of automation has entered a stage where highly advanced robotic tools are used to streamline, expedite, and improve manufacturing processes to an unprecedented level. Last week our team at Progressive Automations exhibited our innovative linear motion products at the Automate and Promat show in the vibrant and energetic city of Chicago, IL, USA.

From traditional industrial applications to cutting edge new technologies, Automate showcases a spectrum of automation technologies and solutions. Held once in 2 years, it is one of North America’s broadest automation events where one can experience and learn about motion control, automation, robotics, and machine vision technologies. Hosted at the massive McCormick Place, Automate attracts visitors from all over the world and this year too, saw many attendees looking to learn about the latest automation technology impacting manufacturing today.

Waterproof and Submersible Linear Actuator

Our exhibit was very well received at the show, and we were fortunate to have many visitors and fellow exhibitors stop by to understand our products and what we do.

Photo of waterproof linear actuator at Automate 2019

We showcased our waterproof and submersible actuators which are the latest additions to our product line – The PA-10 and PA-06. These actuators provide high force electric linear motion rugged enough to withstand any harsh environment. We have engineered a way to provide a fully waterproof linear motion solution, and we’re proud to have them on display for the first time. 

The Steward Platform

To lighten things up, we had a six-axis steward platform that our visitors had a chance to interact with. We enabled the steward platform to be controlled via hand gestures, and the goal was to get the wooden ball around the maze and into the center. Challenging, but fun and there was a prize to be won!

Photo of three men that watching on linear actuators by Progressive Automations

Other Exhibits at Automate

When it comes to robotics and automation, innovation is blooming, and the result of hard work and dedicated engineering was pretty evident walking around the convention center. Companies such as Fanuc, Yaskawa, Universal Robots are paving the way for fully autonomous production and manufacturing systems. Robotic arms consist of multiple frameless motors that are used to produce six-axis motion in the x, y and z planes. A variety of end of arm tools that attach to the robotic arms allows for the integration of robotic arms in almost any type of manufacturing process. Some examples of end of arm tools include Grippers, Welders, Vacuums, Drills, Palletizers.

The Robot Bartender

A highlight from the show was robotic arms used to play music and serve beer! That’s right; we got served beer by robots. The Japanese manufacturer, Yaskawa showcased a robotic bartender. All you needed to do was only select your choice of beer, and the robot bartender does the rest. He will pick up a cup, fill it up and deliver the beer directly to you. The beer station was a perfect place and opportunity for tradeshow attendees to network and interact with each other, exchange business cards and more. All over a mug of beer! Cheers to Automate, we would say!

Photo of Bartender Robot

The Robot Jazz Band

Another setup that stood out at the show was a robotic jazz band. Different instruments were being played harmoniously, all by a pre-programmed sequence that controlled each robotic arm with perfect time.

With just a few inspiring examples of real-world robotic applications, we realize that the future is now! Robotics and automation are growing exponentially, and we feel we have a special place within the market. At Progressive Automations, we too are growing exponentially, and our journey in attending trade shows and building our experiences with clients will continue far into the future. For everyone that had visited our booth or had met us at some point during the show, we are pleased to have met you and hope to continue our professional relationships.