What's Cooking, robot?

What’s Cooking, Robot?

Kitchen Automation Products

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

Virginia wolf rightly said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.”

Have you found yourself waiting for several minutes at a restaurant before your food turns up? And sometimes, when you do get your food it doesn’t taste the way you expected it to? Well, with a lot of work and very little time in hand, chefs and restaurateurs are finding it hard to meet the increasing demand. It’s in times like this, that kitchen automation and robotics can help reduce the workload of certain repetitive tasks and thus improve the quality of food delivered.

In this blog, we have put together a few kitchen automation products which are already creating waves in the field of Kitchen Automation.

The Foxbot

Created by Foxconn Technology Group, this robot can slice noodles from dough in a matter of seconds. The Foxbot can be seen at Dazzling Noodles, an open-kitchen restaurant chain located in North China. According to the China-based technology group, the Foxbot can slice noodles faster than any human hand. Additionally, it cleans itself after it completes a task.

Source: Zoomin Local Heroes

Robot Burger

If you’re looking for a fresh juicy burger and you want to avoid the long wait, then the Creator’s Burgers are just what you need. Located in San Francisco, Creator, built this 24 square foot machine that grinds and shapes the meat, slices the buns, tops your burger with seasoning, cheese, vegetables and sauces, giving you a one of a kind burger experience.

Source: Tech Crunch

Zume Pizza

Do you need Hot and Fresh Pizzas delivered right at your doorstep? Introducing Zume Pizza, a San Francisco startup that is changing the food delivery industry with their mobile kitchens. Two Bots prepare the food inside a warehouse kitchen in California. The pizzas with your favourite toppings are then loaded into Zume’s mobile kitchen outfitted with smart ovens. These mobile kitchens head out to the neighborhood to deliver pizzas just the way you like it – Fresh, Hot and delicious!

 Source: Tech Crunch

MakrShakr Bar Robot

Introducing a new experience in cocktail making – The Makrshakr Robotic Bartender. Designed by CRA – Carlo Ratti Associati, you can design your own special drink from a list of spirits, juices, sodas, and garnishes. The robotic arms will then craft your recipe with milliliter precision and give you your drink just the way you want it. It looks like the MakrShakr robot is ready to make your drink ordering experience a lot more interesting.


 Source: MakrShakr

Cooki The Robot Chef

The cooki robot chef is set to change the way we eat. All you need to do is download the proprietary app and programmable robot named cooki will start preparing your meal from the tray of fresh, precut and premeasured ingredients based on the chef-inspired recipes available on the app. While it may be an expensive option for college students, working professionals may benefit from this robot chef saving them time and energy.
It’s not too long before robots take over our kitchen and prepare all our favorite meals, cuts your fruits and vegetables and more. All this without lifting a finger!

Sereneti Kitchen Showcase from Sereneti Kitchen on Vimeo.

SourceSereneti Kitchen Showcase from Sereneti Kitchen on Vimeo.