Product Overview PA-35 wifi control box

Control Your Actuator Using WiFi On Your iOS & Android Devices! PA-35 Wireless Control Box

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

Smartphones are a fixed piece of technology in the majority of people’s lives, allowing you to keep up to date with news, update your social media, connect with family, friends, and colleagues, and accomplish daily tasks quickly and conveniently. When controlling actuators, you would normally use a wired switch or wireless remote to activate a control box. However, we wanted to make controlling actuators as easy as accomplishing an everyday task on your phone. Therefore, we designed the PA-35 to allow users the convenience of using their smartphones to control multiple actuators! The use of relays will also allow for even more versatility in the PA-35 when operating other 12 VDC devices that have higher current draw. In this article, we will cover how to use the PA-35 to control your actuators using WiFi, along with its advantages and capabilities.

Overview of the PA-35

The PA-35 WiFi control box is designed to integrate iOS and Android devices with linear actuators. This control box emits WiFi signal and acts as a router, which allows a device to connect to it. Using the free Progressive Automations App, users will have a full android and iPhone controlled actuator which includes a record feature.

Follow our PA-35 datasheet and instructive article on the setup & control of linear actuators with our WiFi app.

PA-35 dimensional drawings

PA-35 dimensional drawings

The PA-35 unit comes with XLR connectors to allow for 2-wire 12 VDC actuators to be connected to its 4 unique channels. It is important to note that each channel is rated for 10 A of current; this alone would be suitable for most of the smaller and standard actuators. We recommend using a 12VDC power supply with the sufficient current rating to support all devices connected.

XLR connectors to allow for 2-wire 12 VDC actuators to be connected to its 4 unique channel PA -35 control box.

XLR connectors for PA-35

Features of the PA-35 WiFi Control Box & App

  • WiFi control of up to 4 channels (individual, parallel or combination).
  • Compatibility with Android devices and iPhone devices.
  • Intuitive interface with easy-to-understand controls.
  • Time delay of up to 999 seconds for each actuator.
  • Momentary and non-momentary settings.
  • Ability to record and save 5 actuator movements.
  • 30 minutes of recording time available for each actuator.
  • Operating range of over 200 ft from mobile device.

We have demonstrated the full capability of our wireless linear actuator control app with WiFi:

Advantages and Capabilities of the PA-35

For applications with heavier duty actuators, the PA-35 can be wired with 12 VDC relays to ensure the actuators have sufficient current draw for proper operation. This will also protect the channels of the control box that are rated for 10 A from burning out due to over current. To find out more about this, read our step-by-step on WiFi control of high current linear actuators.

The wireless capability of the PA-35 allows the operator to comfortably control actuators from a distance at almost any given time when using their smartphone. This feature can be very useful in an office, factory, garage or for home automation to control actuators that operate:

  • Doors/ Gates.
  • Security locks.
  • Windows.
  • Curtains/ Window blinds.
  • Custom cabinets.

Aside from just actuators, the PA-35 can also be used with 12 VDC relays to control other devices such as 12 VDC lamps/light bulbs or 12 VDC electric fans. Using the PA-35 control box with 12 VDC relays to complete a 12 VDC circuit can also allow a 12 VDC to 120 VAC inverter to power other 120 VAC electronic devices.

Wiring diagram example of PA-35 controlling a 12 VDC lamp/ Light Bulb

Wiring diagram example of PA-35 controlling a 12 VDC lamp/ Light Bulb


In conclusion, the PA-35 wireless control box offers end users the convenience of using a smartphone for wireless control of multiple actuators. Using 12 VDC relays with the PA-35 grants the ability to control heavy duty actuators as well as other 12 VDC devices that have higher current draw. With this much convenience and capability, the PA-35 can be used in many different applications and settings such as in an office, factory, garage or for home automation. We aim to make your use of our products as easy and convenient as possible, including designing an actuator automated by an iPhone!

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