Linear Actuator Control | The New Wi-fi App

Linear Actuator Control | The New Wi-fi App

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer
The next generation of motion for actuators and controls.

- Control four actuators right from your Android or iPhone device.

- Combine all your control options into a single device. Don't pay for more.

- Record up to 5 presets and activate them with a single button.

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The wait is over. We're excited to present the first of its kind - The Wi-Fi Actuator App and Control Box. You've never seen actuator control quite like this.

Traditionally, complete control over your actuator meant buying all the bells that whistles that came with it. Speed controllers, rocker switches, timers, etc. No more. The Wi-Fi app gives you all of these in a single device you can download right to your iPhone*/Android device.


1. Connect through Wi-Fi for actuator control.

2. 999 seconds of time delay available.

3. Individual or simultaneous control over your actuators.

4. Non-momentary and momentary settings.

5. Group your actuators together and control each one.

6. Record custom actuator movements, save them and activate them with a single button.

7. Five spots to record your presets.

8. iPhone* and Android compatible.

Download the Wi-Fi App

PA-35 Wi-Fi Control Box

The PA-35 is the compatible control box for the Actuator App. The custom design gives you easy, snap on wiring connections and a three light system that tells you when there's power, an outgoing signal and a Wi-Fi connection. Attach up to four actuators to the box, set up the Wi-Fi and you're good to go.

Intuitive, Easy-To-Understand Interface

You can learn the interface in a few minutes. It's simple and straight-forward. The best part of the interface is that it's all right there. It's right on your phone - always near you.

Presets and Playback

For the person who has their TV and entertainment unit automated, they may need to use two remotes to open the doors and then open lift the TV from its hiding spot. With the app, all you need is a single button. It's simple. Just record the sequence you want to see, then hit the preset to see the actuators work their magic. No more fiddling with buttons. Up to five preset spots are available for use.

Multiple Actuator Control

Controlling every aspect of your actuators has never been easier. Control one, two, three or four actuators separately or all together. Group them together. Need two actuators to move in sync and one to move separately? No problem. The multiple actuator control function lets you do that. Or turn off the ones you don't need. Toggle from momentary to non-momentary control by an actuator.

Time Delay

Timing is crucial in some applications, and we understand that. Our time delay has our customers in mind because it lets you time each actuator up to 999 seconds. Set the delay and forget about it.

Manufacturer's Special

Do you use our actuators in your products? If you're a manufacturer, when you get our app, we can customize it for you to fit your brand and provide you with the features you need.

Contact us to find out how we can customize your app today!
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