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How Are Linear Actuators Made?

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

A linear actuator is a motor that creates motion in a straight line. It is widely used in machine tools and industrial applications. Recently, with the rise of electric linear actuators, more and more industries have begun to use them to automate their applications. Progressive Automations is one of the leading electric linear actuators manufacturers in the world. The manufacturing process of our actuators follows very strict guidelines, and they are extensively reviewed by our product and manufacturing engineers.

Manufacturing Process

The process of manufacturing a Progressive Automations linear actuator starts with the electric motor.  Each electric motor has two main components: The stator, which is a permanent magnet that generally stays stationary, and the rotor which sits in the middle of the stator and is subject to the magnetic field created by the stator causing it to spin in motion. Each part is carefully crafted from a fully automated assembly line. From winding of the copper coils on the rotor to the insertion of the shaft screw into the motor. Every step is carefully monitored, and each batch examined by our quality assurance experts.

Photo of an actuator motor

Different parts of the motors are produced concurrently, with each assembly line being optimized to complete their designated parts at the same time to complete the larger component as a whole. Mechanical arms and conveyor belts transport raw materials and completed parts to the next section of the production line. From the factory floor, thousands of moving parts continuously travel from one end of the floor to another like a busy highway with thousands of moving cars trying to reach four corners of a city.

The final assembling process of Progressive Automations actuators is more hands-on. Professionally trained assembly workers follow a manufacturing document made by engineers to assemble the final pieces. Each step is carefully monitored with quality assurance experts examining the finished components before moving to the next step. After the actuators are fully assembled, they are sent to the QC team for first article inspection. The first article inspection will verify the accuracy of the dimensions, making sure every parameter is met. The first article unit will go through stress testing to ensure they meet the operating temperature, IP rating, and duty cycle requirements. After the QC team is satisfied with the result, the entire batch is approved to be shipped out to our distribution center.

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Once they have arrived at our distribution center, they will be received into our warehouse. A product engineer will take a few units from the batch to perform another inspection to ensure the units meet all the specification requirements and were not damaged during transport. They will then be added to our in-stock units and ready to be purchased by our clients. When they are purchased, our logistic team will test the units again before carefully packing them and preparing them to be shipped. Finally, they will be sent to our customers to fulfill whatever roles they may be needed in various types of applications. We at Progressive Automations pride ourselves as a world-class linear actuator manufacturer. We provide excellent customer service and our engineers are constantly working on research and development to improve our products. We employ a team-based approach and study the use of best practices. In the coming years, we will continue to provide top-notch service to our clients, and if you are interested to find out more about our units, take a look at our selection of actuators.

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