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Progressive Automations: New Product Releases July 2020

Orlaith Morris
Orlaith Morris
PA Engineer

We are extremely proud of our engineering team here in Progressive Automations. Not only are they helpful and informative with our customers, they are also extremely innovative in brainstorming and designing new features, products, enhancements, and upgrades. See below our new products and product features, as of July 2020. 


Waterproof Linear Actuators: PA-10
Waterproof Linear Actuators: PA-10

PA-10 - Waterproof Linear Actuator IP68M

Earlier this year we released our newest waterproof linear actuator: the PA-10. With its weather protection rating of IP68M and IP69K, this actuator can operate while fully submerged in water. Further to this, it can also still operate when subjected to high-powered water jets while not in motion.

Do you require added corrosion resistance? The PA-10 is also available in a salt spray rated version that will ensure your linear actuator can continue to perform, even in harsh environments.

We were particularly excited to release this product as it is Progressive Automation’s highest IP rating in our catalog. Ideal for industries including marine, automotive, and agricultural, click here to find out more about the product and its specifications.


New Color Variations: Desk Frames & Lifting Columns

Expanded FLT-04 and Desk Frame Colors

We have expanded our product offering in all of our desk frames and our FLT-04 lifting column. Two new colors are available in all of these products: black and white. You can specify your color choice on the product page prior to adding the product to your cart. These new additions give our customers new aesthetical choices when choosing which product to integrate into their environment.

Click here to view our range of desk frames with this expanded color selection, or if you are searching for a lifting column with color varieties, check out our FLT-04.


BRK-17 Brackets: Gen 2

Mounting brackets BRK-17 by Progressive Automations

BRK-17 Gen 2 Brackets

The scope of our BRK-17 mounting brackets has broadened to now include the PA-13 in their compatible products list. This means that the PA-13 can now also avail of the BRK-17 mounting brackets for the mounting solutions. Both the PA-17 and PA-13 are high-force industrial actuators that exude a high level of force; the PA-13 up to 3000lbs and the PA-17 up to 2000lbs. Therefore, a strong and secure mounting bracket is required. The BRK-17 has been designed to withstand the forces of our heavy-duty linear actuators and is, therefore, the ideal compatible mounting solution for both of these electric linear actuator models.


TV Lift: TY-01-25

TV LIFT: TY-01-25

TY-01-25 TV Lift 

A smaller, more compact version of our TY-01, the TY-01-25 was designed with smaller spaced environments in mind. Without having to compromise on TV size, this TV lift can operate with the use of a wireless remote whether you wish to hide your TV and keep it out of sight, or simply adjust the height for optimum viewing experience. With a stroke length of 25.4” (compared to the 38.8” of the TY-01), if you have limited spacing but still wish to further automate your home or office, this is the ideal solution for you.

For more information on any of these new products, contact us and receive more information on their specs, capabilities, and whether they are the right fit for your application.

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