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The New Height Adjustable Smart Table

The New Height Adjustable Smart Table

Loureal Agustin
Loureal Agustin
PA Engineer

Height-adjustable workstations are known to improve your health and wellbeing. Research has shown that sitting or standing for long periods of time has been linked with multiple health problems, such as an increase in blood pressure or fluctuation of cholesterol levels. Height-adjustable workstations help you avoid working postures that could contribute to these health issues.

The FLT-01 table lift gives you the option to build a personal, automated, height-adjustable workstation. It can withstand a force of up to 180 LBS and has a stroke length of 25.5 inches. Some applications that the unit can be used for are the following:

Home or work-study/office desk

Standing Desk

You can use our lifting columns or our FLT-01 to build your own height adjustable standing desk. If you need a bigger workspace then our FLT-02 Table Lift set would be a good option. For a smaller work surface, our FLT-01 works perfectly!


Dining tables converted to standing bar tables

Height Adjustable Dining table

 Convert your old dining table into a standing table or a drinks counter with just a press of a button. The FLT-01 is a good option for those looking at space saving ideas and minimalistic. 


Coffee tables

Automated Coffee table

Just like the automated dining table, you can also use the FLT-01 table lift set to build a sleek and stylish automated coffee table. Wow, your guests with this interesting center table that raises itself with a press of a button.


Podium/lectern stand

Podium stand

The next time you need to go up and give a speech, you would not need to adjust the height of the microphone several times to have your voice heard. An adjustable table can ease the process by allowing you to set the desired height of the podium.


The FLT-01 set can be used to automate a number of other applications. The ones listed above are just a few examples to give you an idea of the possibilities of home automation. The FLT-01 lifting set includes a wired remote that can save up to 4 preset height positions. An alternate remote that can be used for this set up is the RT-17 model. If you require a remote with only a two-button, momentary control function, then this is an option for you.

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