PA-13 High Force Industrial Actuator Overview

Capabilities of Our High Force Linear Actuator: the PA-13

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When a large amount of power is needed within an application, the PA-13 High Force Industrial Linear Actuator has got you covered. This high force electric linear actuator is one of the strongest in the Progressive Automations line-up with a whopping 3000 lbs of pull and push force. Moreover, the high force linear actuator can hold up to 3500 lbs without an issue thanks to the robust stainless-steel shaft accompanied by metal gears. The high ingress protection (IP) rating produces a versatile unit able to withstand dust and water, allowing for this unit to be used in the harshest environments. Let’s get into the specifics!

Primary Features of the PA-13

As mentioned, the PA-13 High Force Industrial Linear Actuator has a dynamic force of 3000 lbs and a static force of 3500 lbs making it a heavy-duty actuator for the most demanding applications.

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Mechanical Characteristics

This high force linear actuator is IP66 rated, meaning it is completely dust-tight and has protection against direct high-pressure water jets. More specifically, it is protected against a 12.5 mm water nozzle for 3 minutes at 100 liters per minute at 100 kPa at 3 meters. It uses a brushed DC motor, coupled with a high strength gearing system, and an ACME screw to extend and retract the stainless-steel rod. The stroke speed with no load and full load is 0.25 and 0.17 inches per second, respectively.

This high force electric linear actuator can operate at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius with a duty cycle of 20%, enabling the use of this actuator in high-stress environments such as industrial factories. Its robust, aluminum alloy 6062 housing and powder metallurgy steel alloy gearing ensure a long service life, with an 18-month warranty to ensure you are confident in your implementation of this high-quality actuator. Furthermore, the actuator comes with CE and RoHS certifications, which is a bonus if your entire system requires certification.

PA-13 High Force Industrial Actuator

Electrical Characteristics

The current rating at no load and full load is 4 and 20 amp, respectively. The required voltage of the PA-13 at these current ratings is 12 VDC. For protection from overcurrent, the actuator comes with a built-in electric shut-off, which will cut power to the actuator if the operating limits are exceeded. The unit also has built-in limit switches to ensure the rod does not extend or retract past its specific stroke.

Outside of the above specifications, Progressive Automations has a huge range of customization options for our actuators! We understand certain applications are extremely precise and require a seamless, perfect-fit solution, which is why our customization abilities are practically endless!

Mounting Options

If your application requires mounting brackets, the BRK-17 Heavy-Duty Mounting Bracket is a perfect choice, capable of handling up to 8000 lbs of static force. Moreover, it allows for 180-degrees of rotation and can be installed on both ends of the actuator.

Mounting Bracket BRK-17 for High Force Industrial Actuator

Compatible Control Boxes and Power Supplies

The PA-13 high force electric linear actuator is compatible with a variety of Progressive Automations control boxes as long as they have a 20A rating to handle the full load current. A few examples include the PA-31 and the PA-33. With that being said, the voltage of the control box can vary from the standard 12 VDC. The voltage can be adjusted to 24, 36, or 48 VDC to suit your application, but bear in mind that this change will affect the current rating at no load and full load. However, the 20A rating control boxes will still suffice since the current decreases with an increase in voltage.

The power cable that comes with the actuator is 40 inches long and has a 2-pin TE Universal Mate-N-Lok connector (no feedback sensors). Alternatively, the actuator can be ordered with a 6-pin connector for the hall effect sensor option. If a longer power is needed, Progressive Automations offer wire extensions.

Besides a control box, when purchasing the PA-13, ensure you pick up a power supply (e.g., PS-40-12 Power Supply) and two relays (AC-30-30-12 Single Pole Double Throw Relay). The relays are used with the output current of the control box to drive the PA-13 instead of directly powering the high-current actuator. This setup will ensure the maximum current of the control box is not exceeded when the actuator is close to the full load current.

Additional Customizable Features

The PA-13 high force linear actuator ranges from stroke lengths of 4 inches to 40 inches, all whilst maintaining the 3000 lbs dynamic force. The actuator can be ordered with optional feedback sensors installed, either potentiometer for stroke lengths up to 6 inches or hall effect for stroke lengths up to 40 inches.

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Conclusion: A Powerful Addition To your Application

There is no doubt that the PA-13 high force linear actuator is a powerhouse, providing all the force you need for the most gruelling applications. With so many customizable options to choose from, we are confident that you will be able to have the specifications meet your needs. Applications, where this actuator is best suited, include industrial environments such as in the agricultural, manufacturing, and automation industries where a high force is needed.

At Progressive Automations, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class linear actuators and customer service. Our engineers are constantly working on research and development to improve our products. If you need more information on the PA-13 or any of our other linear actuators, contact us today!