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Ways to Increase Workflow Benefits using Standing Desks

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer

Do you feel you are included in the majority of office workers that stay seated while working Wellness in the workplace is an important aspect of the general well-being of office employees and employers alike?  A downside of working in an office setting is the constant sitting and lack of physical activity during the 40+ hours that are spent per week. Lunch and coffee breaks can contribute to increased daily activity, but that’s only if you choose to go for a brisk walk instead of taking the time to eat lunch at your desk -- which, realistically is what most do. Apart from the physical aspect of sitting all day, getting a “break” from sitting and standing are linked to improved moods and mindsets, as sitting for long periods of time can be monotonous.

Wellness in the workplace contributes to improved employee health, reduced health care costs, and promotes a culture of health, according to the SHRM 2016 Strategic Benefits Survey. In this survey, it was discovered that approximately 3 out of 5 organizations offer general wellness programs. So, why is this being discussed? Because recent medical research has found that sitting for long periods of time, regardless of the amount of physical activity is accomplished outside of the workplace, is associated with negative health outcomes. These negative health outcomes, to present a few examples, are obesity, cardiovascular disease, and increased risk of death, as presented by a recent medical study. To combat this, the solution is to stand more during the day.

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One of the fastest-growing benefits is standing desks – desks that can convert from a seated position to a standing one. In the past 5 years, standing desks have seen a 44% increase in popularity in regards to the integration with workplace wellness programs.  This signifies that the use of standing desks is increasing steadily, and will soon be a common article of furniture at your workplace. Users of standing desks have agreed that having the options to sit or stand while continuing to work helps to add in the productivity benefits of standing desk use. With the rise in wearable techs, such as the Apple Watch, you may get reminders throughout the day to stand up, and with a standing desk, you won’t have to break concentration on the important project you’re currently working on.

At Progressive Automations, we offer solutions for both home and office standing desk systems where we believe in the health benefits of using standing desks. Luckily, our devices produce minimal noise and will not be a disruption for your colleagues or housemates. Additionally, the adjustable desk frames that we provide are elegant in their control methods and we offer a variety of desks to suit your pre-existing office space setups with DIY standing desks or even by using linear actuators for standing desk installations.