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Mini Tractor Linear Actuator

12:1 Scale Caterpillar tractor Using Micro Linear Actuators

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer

Linear actuators are being popularly used across different industries and for various applications. Innovators are finding different ways to automate their daily work and sometimes we are also surprised by the use of our products in different applications. Over the years we have received information from our customers on applications they’ve built using our actuators, from a DIY Planetarium projector to a Flight simulator.

Mini Tractor Linear Actuator

 We’re always pleasantly surprised by innovations our customers share with us - one such story is by Jeff Purcell from Minnesota. This unique project was a hand-built 12:1 scaled application of a “Cat D6T” Caterpillar Dozer. It’s a fully functional model, where Jeff incorporated our PA-07 Micro Linear Actuators to draw the dozer’s blade up and down. From the exhaust panels to the placement of the safety handles, the amount of detail applied to this application is incredible!

Mini Caterpillar tractor

 The frame and chassis are made from stainless steel and aluminum materials in order to be operated in rugged terrain just as its life-size counterpart. The movement of the small tractor is achieved by using two (2) windshield motors that were recovered from a 99’ Chevy Cavalier. Each component was handcrafted, from the chained track to the cab that houses the windshield motors. Everything is powered via 7.4VDC  2-cell Venom battery and controlled by a Spectrum DX6 6-channel remote control system. Interesting to note the micro linear actuators usage on a mini tractor!

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