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Camping Tent gets an Automated Twist with our Lifting Columns

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer

It's that time of the year again where we just can't pass up the chance to experience some gorgeous fall scenery, crackling fires, roaring waterfalls and whooshing rivers - all this that makes up nature's soundtrack. The Autumn months indeed, provide the perfect atmosphere for camping. 

For a perfect camping experience, a camping tent can make all the difference! Nowadays, we can choose from a variety of modern and technologically advanced tents. Pop up tents are the new favorite as they can be set up almost instantly. However, if you're more of a road-tripping camper then a tent on top of your car is most certainly an exciting way to camp. Pop-up tents are becoming increasingly popular by keeping the traditional tent-style camping experience while staying off the ground.

Pop Up Tent on a Trailer

Pop Up Tent on Trailer


Our customer, Johan from Belgium, incorporated the best of both worlds - camping and enjoying the views mother nature has to offer. He did this by implementing our FLT-04 lifting column set to create an easy-lifting pop-up tent trailer!  Building a pop-up tent into a trailer allows a full-size tent to collapse into an easily portable package altogether.

Johan explains, “When a rooftop-tent is installed on a trailer, it is possible to make a comfortable ‘base camp’ while the car stays available for visits.” He continues, “The problem encountered is that the rooftop-tent on the trailer should be lowered whilst towing/driving to ensure stability but should be lifted up while camping in order to install awnings and surroundings.” Johan and others have attempted to use pneumatic, hydraulic, or even gas pressure spring-style lifts that had all resulted in discomfort and drawbacks.

FLT-04 to Automate the Tent

Automated tent using our FLT-04 lifting Column Set

He came across our Progressive Automations FLT-04 lifting column set that paired perfectly with an auxiliary battery installed into the trailer where this was connected to a 12V-220V converter to power everything. This was also lockable to prevent unwanted use of the lifting column set.

Johan and his family spent a marvelous holiday and didn’t encounter any issues with the setup, which gained plenty of attention!

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Thanks, Johan and happy camping!

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