Dr.Decks Project

Dr. Decks Success Story with IP66 Linear Actuator

Zuriel Gonzalez
PA Engineer

Our go-to recommendation for Dr. Decks’ mind-blowing deck automation projects is our PA-04 IP66 Linear Actuator.

Being based in the Northwestern United States, it is critical that the actuators Dr. Decks uses can withstand the downpour of rain and occasional snow common in the area. Featuring an IP66 protection rating, the PA-04 has one of the highest water and dust ingress protection ratings among our actuators, making it a top choice for automation applications above and underneath the deck.

The PA-04 also boasts a wide variety of force and speed options. One of the first projects we worked with Dr. Decks on was lifting a set of tiki torches from underneath the deck. Since the torches were quite light, we were able to use the PA-04 model rated for 100 lbs which provided a blazing 2.8 inches per second of travel. At a moment’s notice, the owner of this deck can press a button on a wireless remote to initiate the sequence. The tiki torches hidden around the circular deck rise to provide a warm soft glow to the deck and surrounding garden. If you need more punch, then the PA-04 also comes in higher force options that can go up to 1350 lbs.

Perhaps the most impressive projects were the ones that used multiple synchronized actuators to lift sections of the deck. An example of this would be the Phantom BBQ. In this project, Dr. Decks uses a PA-04 on each corner of the platform that the BBQ was installed on. Each of the PA-04 units was equipped with an internal Hall Effect sensor. This sensor is read by a custom control box, similar to the ones used on the FLT-04 table lift set. This control box ensured that all 4 actuators were moving at the same time and it also allowed pre-set positions to be programmed.

Now we have introduced our modular lifting columns, 4x LG-02 lifting columns, 1x FLTCON-4 control box, and 1x RT-11 remote works just the same as the FLT-04! Our modular lifting columns are single-unit legs of a lifting column that can be paired with our remotes and FLTCON series of control boxes that can handle between 1 to 4 legs in a single control system. Select from our large range of remote options and enjoy all the unique features of our different programmable wired remotes that can be used together with wireless remotes for extra convenience.

Photo of automated  BBQ project for Dr. Decks

During the time when we made this for Dr. Decks, the actuators, and control box needed to be custom-made to allow for this kind of application. We are very excited to announce that coming in January 2018, we will be carrying the PA-04 with Hall Effect sensors in-stock and a wide variety of matching control boxes. These control boxes having varying functions but most importantly, they can keep multiple actuators synchronized.

If you have a project similar to something like this, in an outdoor environment that requires a high speed, high force or synchronous control, then look no further than our PA-04 IP66 linear actuator.