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How To Hide A TV?

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer

Wondering how to hide your TV? Try these innovative ideas.

Want to put your TV away when you aren’t watching it to have more space? Whether you’re hiding your TV on a boat, in your home or anywhere else, using actuators is a low cost, efficient solution.

There are many ways to hide a TV in your bedroom, depending on how much time you have and what you’d like the result to be.

TV Chest

The motorized TV lift is any chest that you’ve outfitted to raise and lower your television. Take any old chest, cut a hole in the top that matches the size of your TV. Make sure you keep the top piece. It can be attached to the top of the TV so you’ll have a lid. A single actuator, a mounting bracket, and a motion control system can be used for this project.

Step 1

Find your desired chest and determine how big the hole in the top will need to be. If you’d rather not cut a hole yourself, visit a professional or friend and have them do it for you.

Step 2

Get the proper actuator for the motorized TV lift. The size and weight of your TV will help you determine which you’ll want to use. If you can’t decide on which one is best for your automation project, speak with your manufacturer. They’ll be able to go through your project and let you know exactly what you need.

Step 3

Mounting on the inside of the chest may be a complex process. You want to be sure that the device is mounted directly in the middle of the television to prevent any sideways motion when the devices are operating. Install your mounting brackets, your actuator and your control system inside the chest.

You can view this video for some help using your mounting brackets.

If you purchased a control box from Progressive Automations, you would have received a remote control with the box. If not, you may have to get yourself a remote separately.

Hiding Your TV in an Automated Cabinet

If you have a cabinet that you’d like to use instead, you can automate that instead. Automated cabinets can be operated from the comfort of your bed. If you have only one door, a single one will do. Double doors will require two and a sliding door can get away with just one. When you want to watch TV, simply sit in bed and activate the remote. Activate the remote once more when you’re finished. Simple as that.

Step 1

Get the right product for the job. Once again, spec everything correctly so it functions as you expect it to.

Step 2

Install the mounting brackets and mount the actuator to both the door and the base. This should be a relatively simple installation. Keep in mind the closer to the hinge the devices are, the more weight it will put on them. If you’re having trouble determining where to place the actuators, call your manufacturer to find out.

Step 3

Sit back and relax. Use your wired or wireless remote to open and close your cabinet doors whenever it suits you.

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