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Heavy Duty Linear Actuators For Xtal's Gun Safe

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer

Texas A & M Uses Heavy Duty Linear Actuators for their Diamond Weapon Safe.

Gun safety is an all-important issue today, and four students from Texas A & M have created a gun safe system that individually locks each weapon. This keeps the weapons that a person does not want to use safe and secure.


"Diamond will start from its rest place in the ground. It will be elevated by the use of a single actuator and kept in place by a railing system on each side to prevent tilting that can damage the mechanism. Once fully elevated, Diamond exhibits its unique ability to have each gun individually locked.

To access a gun, first, the actuator behind the backplate of the safe will need to be unlocked. This unique feature of the diamond will allow the user to unlock only those specific guns they are planning to use. That way all their other guns are safe and secure, even when the system is out of the ground.

After the actuators are fully retracted, the peg that is placed inside the trigger guard can then be removed. Once removed the gun can be taken from its resting area on the safe."

The System

The Diamond Weapon System uses Progressive Automations Heavy Duty Actuator to lift the safe from a hiding spot in the ground.

The system uses Android technology and micro-controllers for user control. In addition to having convenient control, the system will also alert the user to changes in temperature or other hazards that can damage the property.