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Event Sponsorship



The success of our company can be attributed to the support of our customers. A way we show appreciation and gratitude to our customers is our Event Sponsorships. Similar to our Project Sponsorships, we will work with you to help showcase your projects/applications at events, tradeshows, exhibits, etc. If you have a project or application that utilizes our products and would like to showcase it at an event then we will offer some great benefits to working with us.




These benefits can include but aren’t limited to:

• Reimbursement of up to 100% credit from your original purchase
• Custom ad materials for the event (flyers, banners, etc.)
• Advertising the event and your project on our website and social media pages

If you’d like to apply for an event sponsorship or have any other questions regarding how we can help you then you can reach us by email or mail at:

Progressive Automations, Inc.
160-6691 Elmbridge Way
Richmond, BC V7C 4N1
Phone: 1-800-676-6123
Email: [email protected]

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