How to Program the RT-18: Our Paddle Remote

How to Program the RT-18: Our Paddle Remote

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Progressive Automations has always been at the forefront in the global motion control market, leading the way with trendsetting innovations and new product releases. Our products are widely considered among the best of their class, which is a testament to our company’s dedication to design and customer service.

RT-18 Table Lift Hand Remote


A new addition to our product line is the RT-18 Table Lift Hand Remote that allows you to control the height of your table lift/desk frame. This blog will focus on this exciting motion control product, its programmable features, and why is it a good fit in your application.

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RT-18: Features, Specs, & Application

The RT-18 is essentially a remote control for a standing desk or workstation. Standing desks, often actuated by table lifts or columns, are a wonderful product to have in one’s workspace. Sitting in front of a desk for long hours is an unhealthy habit that is universally discouraged by medical experts, instead, intermittent standing periods are highly recommended. This practice guarantees better physical and mental health and helps boost productivity.

Standing desk with a remote control


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Most standing desks and workstations come in the form of a remote controlled table, allowing the user to control their frame’s motion via a programmable remote. The RT-18 is an advanced remote standing desk remote control with multiple programming options, quick access, and an ergonomic design.

The most unique feature of the RT-18 is its design, which is optimized for conveniency and ease of use. The remote sports a paddle control, as opposed to the conventional up/down button style. This build is much more intuitive to use and does not require you to break attention to operate the remote. Moreover, the easy-to-use installation kit and its sleek, plastic body add to its appeal.

Programming the RT-18

The RT-18 remote offers numerous programming options that facilitate users. All these operations are geared towards improving the consumer experience, making them extremely convenient to perform.


Before diving into its programmable features, let’s discuss the RT-18’s easy installation process. The remote control simply needs to be attached to your tabletop with the included hardware and plugged into its control box. Perform these two tasks and the remote is ready for use!

Height Adjustment

As mentioned before, the paddle is intuitive; holding it up raises the table lift and pressing it down lowers it. The paddle is momentary, so must be kept in its pressed position until the desired height is achieved.

Memory Positions

This is one of the most facilitative elements of this product. People who use standing desks or workstations prefer a set of two very specific positions, sitting and standing. The RT-18 can store two height positions in its memory. The procedure is very simple: to set your seated position, adjust the desk height to any position below 90cm and press the M button twice within 3 seconds. An indicator will show a heart with a 2 next to it when the sitting position is set. To set your standing position, adjust the desk height to any position above 90cm and press the side button twice within 3 seconds. An indicator will show a heart with a 1 next to it when this position is set 

To move the table to these memorized positions, the paddle needs to be pressed twice in the direction of the desired position. For example, if you are sitting and want to stand up, all you need to do is press the paddle upwards twice and the table will adjust itself to its standing position automatically.

Sedentary Alarm

If you are using a standing desk at work, you may forget to swap to a standing position regularly enough. To assist you in maintaining your routine, this programmable remote comes with a sedentary alarm option. Alarms for 30, 40, or 50 minutes can be set, with a choice of two vibration patterns as well, making it even more customizable. To access the menu, you need to press the M button for 5 seconds, then tilt the paddle up or down until the alarm icon is shown and lastly, press the M button again.

Turning off the alarm is also an easy task. The table must be either be extended beyond 100cm, or the alarm must be turned off by returning to the time set menu and selecting the OFF option. Extending beyond 100cm also resets the alarm timer once the paddle is released, eliminating the need to set the alarm each time after turning it off.

Height Limits

For many people, the required range of their table lift is less than the product’s height range. To accommodate this, the remote can store maximum and minimum heights, beyond which the controller does not allow the actuators to operate.

To set either of these limits, the table lift must be brought to the relevant position and set as either maximum or minimum limit via the menu. To access the limit menu, you must press the M button, hold the paddle in any direction for 5 seconds, and press the M button again. The same menu also has an option to remove both sets of height limits.

Automatic Lock

Whenever automation is involved, there is always a risk of unwanted outside intervention. To avoid unwarranted movements of the desk, an automatic lock can be set through the menu. set by first holding the M button for 5 seconds, then tilting the paddle up or down until the lock icon is shown and pressing the M button again. Once in the lock menu the enable and disable lock options can be chosen. When the automatic lock is enabled, after 10 seconds of no input the remote will lock and prevent any further input until it is unlocked. To unlock the remote, first tilt the paddle up, then down, then press the M button.


Like all programmable devices, this product also has a reset option that brings it back to the default setting. To reset, bring the table to its lowest position by operating the paddle, then tilt the paddle down again until the screen display resets, and then finally tilt the paddle down again until the height is displayed.

The RT-18 is a versatile product and boasts several programmable features. If you want to program a remote for a standing desk, this product is an outstanding choice.

Products That Go With the RT-18

The RT-18 is compatible with a variety of Progressive Automations’ products. When it comes to controllers, this paddle remote can be used with our entire FLTCON control box series. This includes highly capable controllers such as our popular 110 VAC-24 VDC 4-Sync Hall Effect FLTCON-4.

FLTCON control box series


Furthermore, we also produce a complete series of adjustable table lift sets and lifting columns that make use of remotes. Paddle remotes like the RT-18 are crucial to their smooth operation and complete user experience.

Final Thoughts

Progressive Automations has always been and always will be committed to developing the most exclusive motion control products in the market. The RT-18 Paddle Remote Control is an accessory worth investing in if you are investing in table lift mechanism.

We will be happy to connect with you to solve your linear motion control problems. Feel free to contact us to know more about the RT-18 or any of our other products.