Meet the Team at Progressive Automations

Meet the Team at Progressive Automations - Part One

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

Having a fun, passion-driven, and hardworking team is crucial for building a strong and sustainable company. You might have already noticed, but we absolutely love what we do here at Progressive Automations! Our team is full of people from various backgrounds and has a keen interest in bringing innovative ideas to the table. While working hard is a great trait to have, we like to enjoy ourselves too – at Progressive Automations, mixing work with fun is a necessity. In this article, we will introduce you to the team at Progressive Automations, so you have more of an insight to who we are and what we do!

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Stanfield Chui


Stanfield Chui

Research and Development Engineer

Stanfield handles the research and development work on new actuators and addresses any concerns in our product lineup. His goals now are to work on control boxes and other parts of motion control that bring more automation to daily life!

"I enjoy R&D working on new actuators and addressing any concerns in our product lineup as this helps build my creativity and problem-solving skills that I can use anywhere I go. The best thing about our team is the work environment. I genuinely enjoy working here because everyone is happy, compassionate, and friendly.”

His favorite linear actuator is the PA-10 because it can basically go anywhere as our most waterproof electric linear actuator, has a quiet operating noise, and offers a robust design with solid force ratings.

Stanfield likes to work on his car, play video games, creating functional tools and parts with his friends. Working on anything with friends (except homework) is a good time for him!

Loureal Agustin


Loureal Agustin

Customer Service Supervisor – B2C Lead Product Engineer

Loureal enjoys working with and leading the Business-2-Consumer (B2C) Team. She delegates tasks within her team to ensure efficient and balanced workflow. She also focuses on product technical information while developing policies and procedures that enhance our customer experience.

“It has been a crazy journey so far and the company has definitely grown within the past 3 years from when I first started working with Progressive Automations. I have been in the customer service industry since 2011 and have always liked assisting people and recommending the correct products for their needs. Combining the skills I've obtained throughout these years with engineering has created the perfect workspace at Progressive Automations.”

Her favorite electric linear actuator is the PA-09 Mini Industrial Actuator. It has a compact size in terms of dimensions and can still handle a force of 330 lbs!

Outside of work, Loureal likes playing video games, board games and is very into health and fitness! In the future, she would like to pursue project management, most likely within the automation industry, and hopefully, with the company itself.  

Timo Hengge


Timo Hengge

Sales Manager

Timo is in charge of the customer-facing teams at Progressive. He manages the sales and service departments and drives B2B growth marketing campaigns to bring the Progressive Automations family of brands to a larger audience. He also focuses on sales systems, procedures, and technologies to improve efficiency and help the company grow.

“I love the versatility of my role, there are so many different aspects to it that make each day different. It is very exciting to see customers succeed with a product that we sold them. It is particularly nice to go out somewhere, see something and be able to say, “hey that’s my actuator in there!”, which is very cool!”

His favorite actuator is the PA-10 because its high-quality design comes with corrosion resistance and waterproof ratings to handle caustic washdown applications and various other harsh environments.

Timo is currently working on automated window blinds as a home project. The blinds will be controlled through Siri home automation and driven by custom motors from Progressive Automations to rotate and roll up his home window shades.

As an automobile enthusiast, Timo enjoys his car, racing at the racetracks, going off-road, camping, and trading stocks! He is also very passionate about home automation, having his home lights, doors, windows, bed, and desk all automated!

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Jack Liu


Jack Liu

Technical Product Engineer

Jack has been a major asset to the team at recording and tracking customer feedback, as well as making sure documentation is as advertised. In the long run, Jack would also like to help further improve on technical documentation, making our datasheets, websites and troubleshooting procedures more consistent to streamline B2C customer interactions.

“What I like most about working at Progressive Automations is the RMA inspections! I enjoy the process of disassembling actuators or desk parts, fixing/creating technical documentation for our products, and helping with process improvements.”

Professionally, Jack would like to improve his skills with Arduino microcontrollers and the PA-12 to help customers with detailed questions regarding the PA-12 specifically.

Outside work, Jack likes playing video games, hiking, weightlifting, reading manga and watching TV/Anime! Personally, Jack would like to brush up on his Mandarin and pass the HSK Level 3 or Level 4 Examination so he can get better at conversations/work/translation.

Nathan Bong


Nathan Bong

Technical Content Engineer

Nathan creates and revises technical articles for Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed. He also provides technical expertise to his team for updating and finalizing datasheets, user manuals, technical videos, and case studies.

“What I like most about our team are the amazing people I get to work with. Everybody looks out for each other, knows how to have fun after work, and has a positive work attitude! My passion is to make a positive impact on society through technology. By informing our audience and helping to improve our linear motion technology, I feel I’m contributing to something better!”

His favorite linear actuator is the PA-04 because it has a good balance of versatility, force, speed, and size while being one of our few in-stock models with options for hall sensor feedback.

A cool project he has worked on has been his exoskeleton project using Progressive Automations linear actuators. This project is fully functioning with a tactical flashlight attachment and was a lot of fun during Halloween 2022!

Nathan likes going out with his friends for lunch, board games, and movies. He also enjoys gym workouts, making DIY linear actuator projects, detailing his car, and adding car mods!

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This was just a first dive into our two-part blog to get to know us more. We also cover a few more members of the Progressive Automations team in Part Two!

Our company is growing at a huge pace – why not check out our careers page? You might find the perfect opportunity for yourself in our team.

We hope you enjoyed this article, especially if you were looking to meet our team and get to know us better! If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and will be happy to assist in any way we can. | 1-800-676-6123