Introducing Our New PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator

Introducing Our New PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
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High-speed linear actuators are critical components in applications that require rapid movement through a drive that offers fast travel speeds in a linear path. Combining the benefits of fast travel speeds with high static force ratings and a water resistant design for added durability and reliability further expands the possibilities of an actuator to be suitable in various applications. In this product overview, we will be covering our recently released PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator, highlighting the features and benefits they offer while showcasing a few example use cases.



PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator


Check out what the new PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator can offer!

High Protection Materials and Ratings

The robust design with stainless steel stroke rod, aluminum 6063 housing material, and a water-resistant IP66 ingress protection rating ensures high protection for the PA-ST1 to handle harsh environments. Built-in limit switches help protect our PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator from over-extending or over-retracting past the intended travel positions. Operational temperature ratings of -20°C to 60°C also ensure reliable operation during the different seasons throughout the year in many outdoor settings.


High Speed Performance in A Sleek Tubular Actuator

Tubular actuator design


Travelling 4.72 inch/second at a full load, the PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuators offers the fastest full load travel speed in our collection for applications that require linear motion solutions with rapid movement. The PA-ST1 offers a stroke range from 1 inch to 24 inches off the shelf and has a slim appearance with its tubular actuator design having the internal DC motor mounted in-line with the actuator’s shaft. Despite its sleek tubular actuator design, the PA-ST1 also has a dynamic force rating of 56 lbs and a high static force rating of 225 lbs to securely lock in position when not moving.

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Compatibility Through Simple Operation

The standard PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuators feature a 2-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr Connector and operates at 12 VDC, simplifying installation and integration into existing systems. When fully loaded to its force rating, the standard model has a current draw of no more than 9.5 A and is suitable for use with most of the current ratings found in our rocker switches and control boxes.  


12 VDC

Dynamic Force

56 lbs

Static Force

225 lbs

Speed - No Load


Speed - Full Load


Current - No Load

1.8 A

Current - Full Load

9.5 A





The BRK-09 iron steel mounting brackets are compatible with our PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuators, allowing for a simple installation process. The bracket is lightweight, durable, and allows 180 degrees of rotation for your application. Each High-Speed Linear Actuator would require two mounting brackets, one for each end of the unit. Please see our mounting brackets product page for more detailed information and specifications.



Success stories


In terms of current draw and full load travel speeds, both our PA-ST1 and PA-15 High-Speed Linear Actuators are very similar in these specifications. These features combined with the ability to be used outdoors like the PA-06 tubular actuator which also has high water protection ratings allow for the PA-ST1 to be useful in various applications and industries:

We have many success stories of customer projects that used our PA-15 and PA-06 which offer several features similar to what is now available in the PA-ST1, and we are excited to see all the new possibilities our PA-ST1 will bring in the future!

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Agriculture Equipment

Actuators with IP66


The tractor front loader with automated quick release locks by Chris Bolich showcases our PA-06 tubular actuator driving the lock mechanism of a front loader while the user can remain conveniently seated in the tractor. Since our PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuators with IP66 water protection are also suitable for outdoor use cases, they could be used in a similar way for tractors in agriculture settings, with the benefit of even faster travel speeds!

Home Automation

Hidden cabinets


Storage compartments and hidden cabinets offer capacity for keeping our belongings safe and secure, however, the use of actuators to remove the manual aspect improves user convenience through home automation. An example of this can be found in the use of our PA-15 High-Speed Linear Actuator by our customer for their hidden TV cabinet compartment project. Since our PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator offers similar rapid movements and a higher force rating of 56 lbs, they could be used for similar applications that have heavier load requirements in the storage compartments.


DIY Projects

DIY project


When it comes to DIY projects and prototypes, we see all kinds of projects from our customers that can vary greatly in their force and speed requirements. A unique example of this can be found in the DIY Automatic Football Throwing Machine by Team AFTM Students at Florida International University. For applications such as these, having a High-Speed Linear Actuator such as the PA-15 or our new PA-ST1 can help give an added boost in the momentum of the football as it gets thrown into the air.


Outdoor Use Cases

Dr. Decks Phantom Rail


Dr. Decks Phantom Rail benefits from the rapid movement of our PA-15 High-speed Actuators to adjust the railing to just the right height as a safety measure to prevent kids from falling into the viewing pond. As the view becomes safer with the presence of adults in the vicinity, the railings can be adjusted to the appropriate height fast and easily. Since our PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuator offers similar rapid movements and offers IP66 water protection, they can also be used for this style of applications outdoors.

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Our PA-ST1 High-Speed Linear Actuators has a fast travel speed in a sleek tubular actuator design while offering high weather protection for various outdoor uses. The standard 2-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr Connector and 9.5A current draw at full load simplify installation and integration, being compatible with many existing systems.

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking to use High-Speed Linear Actuators for your next project. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are experts in what we do and will be happy to assist however we can. | 1-800-676-6123

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